Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Even more shows I hate that everyone else likes.

Apathy edition.

The Sopranos.

I've given it a shot, watched a bunch of episodes, nothing.
Does nothing for me.
Doesn't draw me in, couldn't care less.
These characters die off, I feel nothing.

Mad Men.

This is one of those ones that critics are losing their fucking minds over, I see the ads...and it just passes right through me.
Does absolutely nothing.
Nothing there for me at all.
I might have even seen an episode, but damned if I can remember it.
I can't even work up the willpower to argue about this one with people.
I'm glad to idly let the whole thing pass by.

Sons Of Anarchy.

Not just this show, but I haven't fallen into this country's goofy inexplicable romanticism of bikers period.
Hasn't happened.

Did "Easy Rider", cause this bullshit?
Is it the whole bikers mixed up with hippies confusion?
Shouldn't Altamont have killed that fucking fairy tale already?

Anyway, shame, cuz I really like Ron Perlman, and Katie Sagal.
But, I will never watch this thing.

The Office

I watch it, and nothing happens.
I neither laugh, nor get angry.
It's just there.
Draining electricity.
*Shrug* sorry.


Same as "Mad Men", but at least I actually saw a couple episodes.
Mentioned it last time in the "pseudo-porn", category too, but...I didn't get mad about it, I just rolled my eyes.

The Killing

Just looks like "who killed Laura Palmer?", all over again, but with CSI level gore to try to "shock", me.

I watch "Human Centipede", and "Salo", type movies for fun, I'm fucking indestructible, don't try to "shock", me, television, you just can't fucking do it.
Not that way, anyway.

Maybe an Orbit gum commercial where the grinning British broad fingers herself to full climax, then licks her fingers, then freshens her breath with the magic gum, that might raise an eyebrow.

Yeah, try that, TV, see if that gets a rise out of me.
Go on, I dare ya.

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