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Superheroes Six.

I'm late on this stuff.
Because of the stuff mentioned at the beginning of the second Dr. Strange review.

And, as I mentioned in the "Brew Review", section of Halloween, I'm boiling Halloween and Christmas down to one big labor saving post.
I was gonna do it anyway, but this crappy year pushes the need all the more.
I could just cancel, but I need to keep my mind busy.

Anyhoo, drawing off "All-purpose superhero/sci-fi update thread part 2.5".....


Last year's
Superheroes Five: Part 1, DC.
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice finally came out. (first, second, blu-ray)
  • Suicide Squad came out.
  • Wonder Woman is all shot, and had two trailers. (first, second)
  • Justice League had a trailer and a group pic.
  • Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg have logos.
  • Flash keeps losing directors.
  • Batman standalone is developing. Joe Manganiello is Deathstroke.
  • Shazam is going to connect to the DCEU after all. No casting for Shazam himself still.
  • DC finally has their Kevin Feige, and it's Geoff Johns.
  • Sandman looks dead.
  • Killing Joke came out and was "meh". (honest trailer review)
  • Batman: Return Of The Caped Crusaders however was great!
  • BM:ROTCC will have a sequel with William Shatner as Two-Face.
  • Justice League: Dark has a poster, trailer, and featurette.
  • Live-action "Justice League: Dark", a.k.a "Dark Universe", is still in development.
  • Lobo movie has the Wonder Woman screenwriter.
  • Booster Gold/Blue Beetle movie is confirmed, will be directed by Greg Berlanti, and will be separate from the DCEU.
  • Joel Schumaker "Batman Triumphant", comics series rumor was bullshit.
  • Wonder Woman had her 75th birthday. This Collider special did a good job of it.
  • A Wonder Woman creator biopic is being done by Sony.
  • Lego Batman had a great trailer. Also, Billie Dee Williams will be Lego Two-Face, after being robbed by "Batman Forever".


Last year's.
Superheroes Five: Part 2, Marvel.
  • Deadpool came out.
  • Captain America: Civil War came out (first, second)
  • X-Men: Apocalypse came out.
  • Dr. Strange came out (first, second).
  • Wolverine 3 is "Logan", and had a trailer.
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy vol 2 had two trailers (first, second).
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming just put out two trailers (first, second).
  • Black Panther is in development, and has an awesome cast. (IMDB)
  • Captain Marvel is finally cast, and it's Brie Larson.
  • Infinity War is moving along, and will have Dr. Strange and The Guardians.
  • No word on Ant-Man & The Wasp cuz it's so far away.
  • Gambit looks dead.
  • Deadpool 2 and X-Force are a go.
  • New Mutants is a go.
  • The animated Sony Spider-Man film will be about Miles Morales.
  • There'll be a Stan Lee standalone by Fox that's a comedy biographical spy movie set in the 70's.
  • Inhumans is alive again, but jump down to TV for that.

Off-brand Superheroes.

Last year's.
Superheroes Five: Part 3, Off-brand Superheroes.
  • Valiant universe is still in development with Sony. (see TV for more)
  • Officer Downe had a trailer.
  • Jump to TV for Jupiter's Legacy.
  • Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets had a trailer.
  • Crow remake is still in development Hell. Mamoa signed on, another director left, production company changed.
  • Spawn reboot still in development Hell next to Crow.
  • Ghost In The Shell has a trailer.
  • Power Rangers and Max Steel are things.
  • Captain Planet rights bought by Leonardo Dicaprio's production company.
  • Fede Alvarez is directing "Girl In The Spider's Web".
  • Avengelyne is a thing.
  • Incognito, based on a comic, to be directed by Fede Alvarez.
  • Irredeemable, from a Boom! Studios comic. Think a Superman version of "Nemesis".
  • An original superhero film called "Samaritan", in development.
  • "Doctor Sleep", in development. Sequel to "The Shining", but it's awfully comic-book-y.
  • No word on the Hasbro Universe, but I've got a crazy theory about it.
  • Jessica Chastain has signed on for Painkiller Jane. Soska Sisters are out as directors.
  • Mandrake The Magician to be played by Sacha Baron Cohen.
  • Toxic Avenger remake!! With the Sausage Party directer!!
  • Battle Angel Alita looks like it's finally moving ahead (IMDB, Wiki)
  • Here's a short film called "Sidekick", that'll make you cry.

All The Rest.

Last year's.
Superheroes Five: Part 4, All The Rest.


Last year's.
Superheroes Five: Part 5, Superhero TV.
  • Marvel-
  • The Ghost Rider season of Shield happened, and was great.
  • No word on Damage Control
  • Agent Carter died. (as a show, and the character in Civil War!)
  • Marvel's Most Wanted died.
  • New Warriors in development on ABC. (with Squirrel Girl and Ms Marvel)
  • Daredevil season 2 (with Punisher!) was fucking incredible.
  • Luke Cage was fantastic, and we're getting season 2
  • Jessica Jones is getting a season 2
  • Punisher spinoff happening on Netflix.
  • Iron Fist is in its way.
  • As is Defenders.
  • Cloak And Dagger coming on Freeform (formerly ABC Family)
  • Inhumans lives again! It's going to be an ABC show, and the first episodes will be shown in I-Max theaters as a movie. So the movie is revived that way. Hopefully, it'll bridge MCU and Shield.
  • Legion has a trailer.
  • Hellfire Club died.
  • Runaways is in development for Hulu.
  • Big Hero 6 is going to be a hand drawn animated series.
  • DC-
  • Supergirl moved to CW.
  • Superman popped up on Supergirl.
  • Holy shit, Legends premiered last year!! Season 2 had its finale!
  • Supergirl and Flash crossed over on CBS.
  • Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and Legends had a 4 way crossover, and it was excellent.
  • Vixen joined Legends.
  • Lynda Carter was the president on Supergirl.
  • Pee-Wee was Penguin's dad on Gotham.
  • Jerome is coming back to Gotham by popular demand.
  • Powerless is still moving along.
  • Justice League Action is the new JL cartoon.
  • Preacher had its first season, and it was wonderful!!
  • Krypton is still in development.
  • Black Lightning is development for Fox.
  • I've lost track of I-Zombie entirely.
  • I don't watch Lucifer.
  • Young Justice had another season.
  • Misc-
  • Star Trek: Discovery is the official name of series 6.
  • Brian Fuller left ST:DSC to work on "American Gods".
  • MST3K's kickstarter comeback is on its way.
  • Xena reboot is still on the way.
  • Alien Nation reboot is a thing.
  • Essex County based on a giant graphic novel is gonna be a show.
  • Voltron reboot happened. Heard good things, haven't seen it.
  • Stretch Armstrong is gonna be a show somewhere.
  • The Boys is still in development.
  • Wildcards is in development.
  • Jupiter's Legacy went from movie to TV.
  • There's going to be an "Umbrella Academy", show.
  • Valiant is doing a web series of Ninjack crossing with all the other Valiant-verse characters (and it's by Batinthesun).
  • Valiant is doing Dr. Mirage on CW.
  • Vampire Hunter D: Resurrection is going to be a thing.
  • Ai Tenchi Muyo came out, and was lame, here's my review, and I'm fucking done with Tenchi.

No updates for....
  • The Marvel mystery movies for 2020.
  • The Hasbro Universe.
  • Chrononauts.
  • Infinite Horizon.
  • I Kill Giants.
  • Chew.
  • Crash Ryan.
  • Blood Brothers.
  • Lumberjanes.
  • Imagine Agents.
  • Nemesis.
  • 100 Bullets.
  • League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen reboot.
  • Brilliance.
  • Vicious.
  • Steelheart.
  • Incredibles 2.
  • Adi Shankar's Gods and Secrets.
  • Mega Man.
  • The Six Billion Dollar Man.
  • Teen Titans live-action.
  • Dreadstar.
  • Sex Criminals.
  • Lazarus.
  • The Wicked And The Divine.
  • Hack/Slash.
  • Greatest American Hero reboot.
  • Rambo the series.
  • Samurai Jack.

And, that's that.
See you next time for Christmas!

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