Thursday, December 22, 2016

Quantum Dissolve/Harryverse announcement.

Quantum Dissolve is closing in towards its ending.

I had a way bigger version of this thing planned out, but a lot of contributing factors are making me have to end it a lot sooner.

My original idea was to start with a simple teensy idea, and use crossovers to roll it into a bigger and bigger snowball of world building until I knew what the universe was, and could see where it was all going, and then could plot out the ending.

Well, that ending came to me much sooner.

I had an ending that took 10 "seasons", worth of material to build to, I moved along, I kept having to revise the timeline of those seasons, until I realized "fuck it, I can finish it the fuck off now".

And then I realized "fuck, I'm 41, it's taken me three years to get 2 seasons done, I've GOT to wrap it the fuck up now!".

So, as you can tell if you're reading along, I'm closing in on the conclusion.
Behind the scenes, I'm done already.
Emotionally and creatively, I've been done for a long time.
I just gotta crank these last ones out.

Time to move on to other things.

What I'm gonna do to make up the difference, is lump Quantum Dissolve, and Harry Hembock book 5 (made from the stories here, and a text version of Dark Designs) into one volume.

Kinda like how each of the existing Harry books divides into 2, it'll be this hybrid book, and then inside, it's "Harry "Hembock: Shmegalamonga", and "Quantum Dissolve".

Tentative title of the omnibus of the two is "Harry Hembock: The Internet Years (1997-2017)".

You're not missing out a big finale that got cut, the ending is still the ending, just the rambling to get there is getting cut out as the dead weight it was.

It just took me the 3 year journey to figure this thing out, and point me towards the next thing.

Maybe I'll still get that gigantic planet sized snowball that I wanted my original vision to be, but I don't have to mash it all into this one book, I can connect it to future projects.

That's what I learned most from this, one book can't do everything, don't be greedy, spread things around.

And still, when you lump together the Harry stuff, plus blog bonuses, plus QD/JS, plus introductions and covers and stuff, that's gonna be a good sized book anyway.

It's not like I sacrificed a tome for a pamphlet.

So, it's not quitting, I got what I wanted and needed out of this project.
It was a good ride, and hopefully, when it's all done, it'll feel complete.

If not, ah, well, there's always the next one.

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Paladin said...

Much as I hate to see QD/HH come to an end, I really want to see what you'll come up with next.

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