Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Update Warriors (Part 6, The Brew Review).

Okay, so here's the deal with this new section.
The September 30th opening post used to be the update-athon before the main Halloween buildup, but now, update-athon is update-athon, so September 30th's remaining role has been as a diary of looking back at last year before looking ahead.
Well, now I'm putting that shit into this.

So, September 30th posts are retroactively Brew Reviews, so here's those.
And now, to make next year's Brew Review easier, I'll recap everything so far here, so I'll only have to update this year next year.
Got it?
Too bad.

Part 1, 80's Slashers.

So, it all started with I was lost for what to do, so I decided to just start shooting the shit about the Freddy Movies.
Then that led to all the slashers, then horror crossovers in comics, then superheroes, then that evolved into En-Mike-lopedia, and then Jade-Shade emerged from that, and then I've wittled away En-Mike-lopedia, and now only do horror in October, and superheroes in December,

Fourth year, I tried to quit Halloween entirely, but couldn't, so I streamlined it into update-athon, and that worked out well, so I did the sequels Update's Revenge, and Update Warriors.
Yes, the sequel titles are based on the Freddy sequels.
And, here we are.

Part 2, Classic Monsters.

So, slashers was fun, and I immediately knew I wanted to make Halloween marathons a tradition, and I can't exactly remember why, but I had Dracula on the brain, so I planned to make all of year 2 Dracula, because I assumed there'd be a lot to work with.

And there was, but as I progressed, I decided there weren't enough days, so I wanted to do all the classic monsters, and then even doing all of them, plus King-Kong and Godzilla, there was still some leftover space, so I updated slashers, and folded those updates into the first update-athon for slashers.

Then, of course, I did update-thon, Update's Revenge, and Update Warriors for Classic Monsters.
And, here we are.

Part 3, Masters Of Horror.

By year 3, I had a clearer game plan in my head for the rotating topics, and knew at the end of classic monsters I wanted to do the masters of horror.

...and holy shit, I didn't know what I was in for, and it damned near killed me.
But, I broke it down, and scheduled it to the fucking second, and I got that shit done, and with years of rest now for my brain to repair, I'm proud of it.
It's retroactively enjoyable.
No, I'm drama-ing it up, it was hard, but I had fun too.
And of course, I updated slashers and monsters, and folded those updates into the respective update-athons.

And then, I did update-athon, Update's Revenge, and Update Warriors for Masters.
And here we are.

Part 4, Based On A True Story.

So, here's where my big and bold plans overwhelmed me, and I crushed myself.
In hindsight, for this one to meet its original vision, I would have needed multiple guys working on it, but I didn't have multiple guys.
It would have been at least quadruple the size of Masters, and as I said, that one damned near killed me. So, I outright bailed on it, and made it the first update-athon, then I cheated the original topic idea back in at the very end.

But, then when Update's Revenge rolled around, I fixed it by doing a stripped down version of the original goal, and then I only had to do Update Warriors this year.
And here we are.

Part 5, Pumpkin Potpurri.

So, once I did update-athon once, I knew I was just going to do it forever, so by the end of year 4, the name "Pumpkin Potpurri", just came to me, and I had that planned out for year 5 immediately.

And, I didn't know I was going to add it on to the topics too, but by the time part 5 crept up, it became clear I needed the category, and then it popped into my head that year 4's "Odds N' Ends", was the precursor, so, bam, that fell into place.

Then, I did Update Warriors for Potpurri.
And here we are.

Part 6, Witch's Brew.

And now we're up to this one.

And I find I want to meet year 4's goal of getting these Halloween marathons off my back.
So, this will be the last hurrah of a big how-do-you-do for Halloween.

Just as update-athon streamlined things down, next year, I'm going to streamline the whole update-athon into Brew Review.

New logos for each year's categories, then just text updates for the movies.
Overall, September 30's prelude, then Brew Review, then the Ash review posts, then the horror thread update post, then free and clear until actual Halloween to write Jade-Shade.

I'm clearing all the bullshit out of my path that I can.

I'm doing this streamlining to Christmas too.
Can't have these damned time-sink holidays anymore.
I said this two years ago, now I'm using the iron fist.

But, since this is the last hurrah, I'm not done yet.
Next up, I'm doing another Candy Dish.

So, up very next, a movie recommended by a movie ;-)

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