Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Update Warriors (Part 4, Based On A True Story).

Previous chapters.

The first three parts of my video collector's quadrilogy.
And now....


80's HBO opening.

Okay, so the way I did it with Nicely's (pasting in every occurrence of "Nicely's", as one huge wad) was cumbersome as fuck, and took all day,

So, I'll just tell the overall story, and then toss up links to the finer details.

Me & my folks had HBO from 1983 to 1987.
And it all started with Fraggle Rock.
That was why we got it.

And, it ended with Fraggle Rock too.
Once it ended, so did HBO.

But, in those four years, I got to see a lot of movies.
Some good, a lot shitty.

Here they are.

Phew, damn!
I'm sure I missed a couple, but I scoured the whole blog best I could.

Anyway, nowadays, HBO is mostly known as the "Game Of Thrones", channel.
And, every movie on earth can be watched or bought online, so we don't lack for entertainment.
But 80's HBO was the beginning.
And I had access to it in an incredible time in movie history.
Good times.
It was fun going back through them.

Tomorrow, Weee've got pumpkin pot-pur-reeee! Don't wanna dream no moooore!!


B. D. said...

Where the HELL is "Just One Of The Guys"...come on, that thing was an HBO staple!

Movie I saw the most on HBO as a kid: "Short Circuit 2." Fisher Stevens actually got some publicity recently because some new Indian actor guy took him to task for playing an Indian.

Diacanu said...

Shit, I think I reviewed "Just One Of The Guys", in comments instead of posts.

Yeah, the Fisher Stevens character was racist as Hell.
Like, not in a mustache twirling way like "Birth Of a Nation", but in an ignorant way, like the crows in "Dumbo".
It was the 80's, we didn't know any better.

B. D. said...

The guy was Aziz Ansari and he went and talked to Fisher Stevens about it, who was apologetic about it, but not TOO apologetic (not something I'm holding against him, it's good that he's candid about it.) Stevens actually went to India and lived with an actual family over there for awhile, weird bit of Method acting there or something.

Here's a clip if you want to see what he says about it today...it's not the one with Aziz Ansari though, I can't find that one anymore. Stevens makes nature documentaries now.


Hey, I wouldn't want to punish the guy too hard--Stevens ended up in "Super Mario Bros." the 1993 movie, y'know! That's punishment enough!

I'd have to rewatch the movies to really be sure of how "racist" the whole thing was, and...er, I wouldn't really want to do that like at all. It was shown on HBO so often that I've heard plenty of people quote the movie using Stevens' goofy accent. I guess visually he faintly passed for a guy from India.

I hope Maine doesn't end up getting hit too hard by this Hurricane Matthew shit--people in Florida are in for some SERIOUS SHIT according to trustworthy sources.

Diacanu said...

Oh, Hell no, I don't blame Stevens at all, he was just an actor taking a role.
He had to eat as much as those black guys who voiced the Dumbo crows.
Nah, It was a societal thing, and Ansari was kind of a dumbass to go after him.
Sounds like he was just out to score PC points.
Well, shit, Ansari voiced Apu's westernized nephew on Simpsons, so...where do we go with that, y'know?

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