Monday, October 3, 2016

The Update Warriors (Part 3, Masters Of Horror).

Previous chapters.

We lost Angus Scrimm this year. :-(

The Phantasms.
Phantasm Ravager trailer again.

*Sad sigh*
Now to the fun stuff...

Stephen King.

Bunch of King this year.

George Romero.

AMC has confirmed that they've signed he deal for "Empire Of The Dead".
That's it, no other news there.

Clive Barker.

I'm done.
(See slashers)

Tom Holland.

Tom Holland has a horror news and merch website, called "Tom Holland's Terror Time".

Sam Raimi.

"Ash vs Evil Dead", season 2!!
(See slashers)

Tom Six.

The Soska Sisters.

  • Their next project is a remake of Cronenberg's "Rabid".
  • They're the hosts of the gameshow "Hellevator".
  • "Painkiller Jane", quietly vanished.
  • Finally, they're working on a monster horror flick called "Bob".
  • ....come ooooon!! Make something GOOD!!!! AAHHH!!!!

Robert Kirkman.

  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan played Negan in "The Walking Dead", in the finale cliffhanger groan heard round the world.
  • "Fear", sucks, I'm done.

Lloyd Kaufman.

No word on Nuke 'Em 2. BUT, movement finally on Toxie remake!!

Guillermo Del Toro.

Guillermo Del Toro is allegedly making a movie of "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark".
I'm so fucking there.

Ridley Scott.

"Alien: Paradise Lost", is now "Alien: Covenant".
Ridley Scott has said there will be two sequels to "Alien: Covenant", leading directly into "Alien".
Looks like he's deliberately ruining Alien 5 ever happening.
But, "Chappie", probably already did that.

Joe Dante.

Jo Dante has a new movie out called "Burying The Ex".
I've heard it blows.
Also, Zach Galligan (Billy from 'Gremlins') says Gremlins 3 won't be a reboot or remake, but be more like "Jurassic World". least there's that....

Quickie updates from last year...
  • Nothing new from Tobe Hooper. Unless you count the TCM reboot/prequel (see slashers).
  • Nothing new from Thomas Harris. Hannibal is still gone, and Lifetime can't get their shit together on the Clarice series.
  • Vince Gilligan, I gave up on "Better Call Saul". It's made well, it just wasn't clicking for me.
  • Haven't heard anything about Wes Craven's  shows in development.
  • Still nothing out of Cameron Romero's "Origins". If there's nothing on it next year, I'm calling it dead.

And that's it for those fellas.

Tomorrow, Weee've got truuuuue stooorriies! Don't wanna dream no moooore!!

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