Friday, October 21, 2011

West is best!!!

So, we go from a doctor who kills ya, to one that brings ya back.

Herbert West, the Re-Animator.

First, a special treat......

Herbert West: Re-Animator

Yep, here's the original stories, you can finally read 'em!.

Clicky linky!

Wow...get a load of "six shots by moonlight", Lovecraft was a racist sumbitch! Damn!

Okay, now the flicks....


The film-

Fuckin' sweet.
Seriously, if you haven't seen this yet, why the fuck not?
Look at that poster, it brings a tear to your eye.

There's a lot of changes from the story, West's looks, the time period, the racism is cut out, lot of extra characters, and screen development for them to pile meat on the bones of what amounts to a novella.

Hmm, y'know, in the film, the re-agent is full-on zombie juice, the story, it can only revive a body if it's in perfect working order, and really, really, really fresh. would just seem to be liquid CPR.

Well...we have that, it's adrenaline to the heart. Lovecraft's reckoning....Nikki Sixx is a zombie!

Anyway, this is the one with the infamous severed head cunnilingus scene.
Something for you hopeless romantics.

The history-

Eh, I vaguely recall this being on HBO as a kid...I think..

Saw it on "the incredibly strange film show", saw it in cult film books, finally bought it at Shady Dave's in a  stack of tapes.
Been  a lover of this film, and a fan of Jeffrey Combs ever since.
(Again, see the Freddy review for the skinny on Shady Dave's).
(See the "love stinks", episode in "Freddy's Nightmares", for another Combs appearance)

Bride Of Re-Animator

The film-

Eh, little lacking in spots, but overall, as good as the first.

Combine this with the first, and they pretty much use all the ideas from the novella.

Combs is even more awesome in this one.
He does a great "I spit on your God", speech.
Which, is what you want out of your mad scientist, ain't it?
It oughtta be.

Favorite line after that speech "he's a wifebeater, use the gun!!".

The history-

Y'know, I think I saw this on scrambled Cinemax first....

Then, rented it to watch with Hyla & Spencer, I think they were impressed.
I think Spencer came up with "West is best".
It might have been a collaboration, it's fuzzy.

I own the first two now, life is good.

Beyond Re-Animator

The film-

Disappointing z-grade shlock.

Combs is good, everything else, awful.
Shat out of the SyFy channel, if I recall correctly.
Only the first two count.

The history-

Um...watched it...was immediately sad, the end.

Well, there, that trilogy flew by.

Well, look at the series I've done that had, like, a minimum of 4 shlocky entries that rightly ought to be in the rubbish.
They kept it concise for us this time.

Play the first two along with the first two Hellraisers, you've got a solid afternoon.

So, yeah.

Up next, Xenomorphs from LV-426!!


hyla2 said...

Word to Jeffrey Combs. The man needs more resepect, I says!

Who got all up in DS9's grill with macaroni shell ears and a pompadour?


Who, against all odds, made Andorians awesome on Enterprise?


Who up and got himself gamma ray encephalitis as the voice of The Leader on Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes this year?


Y'know, I remember hearing, back in the day, that Mr. Combs flat refused to do any other work OTHER THAN as Dr. Herbert West because, in his mind, HE WAS HERBERT WEST!! . . . Likely apocryphal. Or maybe his rent came due; whatever. Point is, dude's performance is so intense . . . I BELIEVED that silly shit was TRUE!

Give this man more work, goddamnit.

hyla2 said...

(forehead smack)

Right, and he's also voicing Ratchet on the Transformers: Prime.

ANOTHER DOCTOR! Dunh-dunh-daaaah!!!

Diacanu said...

*Guily grin* yeah, I may have had a part in passing along that "he thinks he's West", rumor.

Coulda sworn I heard it on some show.
Might've been "the incredibly strange film show".

Might've been the director trying to create a legend around the film.

And amen for more work for the guy.

There was talk of working him in as part of the regular cast for Enterprise for season 5 before it was axed.

Diacanu said...

That should read "guilTy grin"

"Guily grin", makes me sound like a fuckhead. :P

hyla2 said...

Lousy pink-skins . . .

And, aw, hey, don't worry about a little typo! A 'guily' grin could be, like, a guilty grin . . . with just a dash of . . . silly! SO it'd be all 'tee-hee' and coquettish and . . . Okay, no. Yeah. No. Forget I said any of that . . .

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