Sunday, August 17, 2014

QD:Season 2, Chapter 2. (Zone Dweebies Addendum: Revenge of the Cyber-Vixens)

Chokecherry knocked on Karen Stevens's front door.

Karen answered, and recoiled in shock.

Chokecherry smiled, and said "it's me, I kicked your stepfather's ass with a field-hockey stick seven years ago. Remember, sweetie?".

Karen was still staring, transfixed.

Chokecherry looked worried.
"Fuck, you didn't repress the whole thing, did you?".

Karen's eyes welled up, and she lunged forward, and hugged Chokie.

After a minute, Chokie finally said "well, are you going to let me in, or what?".

Karen let her in, and they talked over tea.

Karen mentioned she saw Chokie on Krazyfool show.

Chokie replied with a bored mumble "yeah, I thought it really sucked".

Karen said "maybe it'll be better next time".

"Next time? Fuck that", Chokie said with a derisive snort.

Chokie gave Karen a present she had brought in a shopping bag.
It was an outfit, with some accessories.

Karen let out a happy gasp when she saw it.

Forty minutes later, Karen had it on.

Thigh high black latex boots.
Green nylons.
Black bikini bottoms.
A thigh slung gun holster with gun.
A green tube top.
Elbow length black latex gloves.
Black lipstick.
A metallic green pair of visor sunglasses.
Hair colored green with a spray-on coloring.

The outfit of Zoria Bacillus.

Completing the ensemble, was a metal rod as long as a basball bat topped off with a blue orb made of a hard plastic imitating glass, and lit from within by a small diode light.

A replica version of Zoria's time wand made into a practical melee weapon by Dr. H.

"So, who's my character exactly?", Karen/Zoria asked, lazily twirling the wand/club like a baton.

Chokie thought for a bit, reassembling it on the fly from faded memory.
"Leseee...time traveler from the year 4000, Harry Hembock stole her time-car, she modified her time wand to go after Harry, hunted him down, and became his fuck-buddy. Yeah, that's about it".

Karen/Zoria grimaced, thought a bit, and said...
"That sucks. She's some loser's sex slave? Okay, I decree she snapped out of it, told him to fuck off, and left, and became her own crimefighter. In fact, she went back in time, and undid that whole stupid relationship. Now, she's me. There!".

Chokie chuckled "guess we're both fictional exes of the little gnome, eh?".

Zoria changed the subject.
"What do we do know? Go hurt some rapists, or what?", she said, brandishing her new wand/club for emphasis.

Chokie smirked.
"I was thinking we could pay a surprise visit to your real ex for a start".

Zoria grinned wickedly, holding the time-stick like a samurai sword.
"We don't have to go to him, he'll come to us. He's got the kids, and he's an hour late".

Chokie smiled, sipped her tea, and wondered if Jadie's membership drive was going as smoothly.


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Zoria can be seen here.

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And, chronologically, that's chapter 40!

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