Friday, January 13, 2017

Happy 28th birthday, Harry Hembock!


Previous birthdays.

Stuff that happened after the 27th.

So, "Quantum Dissolve", is done, and Harry ended up being pivotal to how it ended.
(See season 2 chapters 22-30)

Last year, I said there'd be a fifth Harry book after QD is done, and as you can see in the last couple links above, I'm merging that with QD, and QD is now "Jade-Shade/Harry Hembock: Quantum Dissolve".

After the Harry/QD hybrid book, I wanna do a compilation book of rants and humor from Krazyfool's, Shmegalamonga, and Facebook.
Thinking the title will just be "Krazyshmegalabook".
Maybe "Mike Meggison's Krazyshmegalabook".
Of course, I'll probably have character cameos to make it canon.

As for the big plans after the books I mentioned last time, where I used crossover connections to build QD, and then fold it back into Harryverse, I'm thinking of experiments that'll crossover-connect reality, and build books and other media that way.
Not quite sure how it'll manifest yet, but once I can get it going, then I can connect it to all the other ideas I want to do.

Anyhoo, this'll be the last Harry bonus feature until the book.
Hopefully, next year, that shit'll all be done, and I'll be talking about that.

Stay tuned!

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