Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday Harry Hembock!

Yep, I created you back in 1989, it's been that long.

Well, actually, your birthday was on January 13th.
So, this is REALLY belated.

What was I doing that made me forget??
Well...looking down my nose at Jesse Ventura...and admiring my new hobo knife.....

Yep, it should have gone in between those ..sorry.

But, consider this an early jump on the 22nd birthday.
I won't forget that one.
So, everyone celebrate.
Beat up a villain while wearing sweats.
There must be some shitty neighbor who qualifies.
Failing that, give a Volkswagon on someone's yard for 400 bucks a home.

And thanks, Harry, for 21 years, 9 books, 2 websites, several friends, glue for my sanity, and a million laughs.


Philip1978 said...

I will be nice to any Xmas trees I see and probably pan my neighbour's heads in just for good measure they are evil and need the kind of beating only Harry could administer!

Happy Birthday Harry, thanks Mike for all the laughs and Awesome stories!

Paladin said...

Happy Birthday, Harry, and thanks for all the laughs through the years!

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