Sunday, May 15, 2016

Happy 2nd birthday, Eidolon!

Last year.

Ugh, didn't get as much done as I would have liked last year, especially in the winter months.
Fell into a blue funk worthy of Ennui.
Winter really gets to me I guess.

BUT, QD chapters 12, 13, and 14 of season 2 had a decent amount of Eidolon in them.

AND, I figured out the role she plays in the ending of the whole book, and how and why she's actually the most important character.

I just gotta get off my ass and write this shit out.
Stay tuned!


B. D. said...

Dude the one on the left looks like Barbara Streisand.

"It Follows" was pretty if someone would make "It Follows," but with interesting characters, dialogue and a plot! (Hey, I mean, an entire movie based around the daylight scenes in "Halloween" crossed with the dirty-bum-behind-the-diner scene from "Mulholland Dr." is still going to be more or less acceptable in MY book...but the characters and dialogue were all about as perfunctory as it gets!)

Diacanu said...

How's your Trek binge going?

B. D. said...

I just finished the episode with that "Rojan" guy. I didn't think that one was very good. The "brick and mortar" place I actually rent DVDs from is closing down forever on May 31 (f***ing Redbox has impacted business even around HERE!) and I'll really miss it, I was trying to finish the entire series by then (no way would I want to just flat out buy season 3--I know that's the one with all the horrible turd episodes in it!) but the guy who works there says he's going to let me just borrow the discs once the store's shut down. I was worried about not getting to watch the rest of the MST3Ks that are around there, but it turns out all the ones I'm interested in are on Youtube, guess I could just watch 'em that way (they don't get taken down often, do they?)

The best of the recent batch of episodes are "The Trouble With Tribbles," "Journey To Babel" and the silly gangster episode "A Piece Of The Action," which was repeated in that silly Nazi episode a couple episodes later. Shatner hasn't bothered me *too* much but there's just about one hideous dumb acting moment from him in every episode. Like when he got shot with that poison arrow and pretended to "shake" in that one episode.

"City On The Edge Of Forever" and "Space Seed" join "The Corbomite Maneuver" as the obvious classics of season 1. You could build an entire series out of "City On The Edge Of Forever" really when you think about it (hell, maybe someone did) and of course I'm going to do the six movies so "Wrath Of Khan" will be worth looking forward to, even though I know most of what happens in it.

I wouldn't say I'm flat out in love with the show, but more of it's good than bad and I basically warmed to it, so I'd probably rate it above Buffy.

B. D. said...

HAH! Remember when you wrote about this?

Diacanu said...

Re: Trek- Cool, there's a new series coming, and rumor is, it fits in between "Undiscovered Country", and "The Next Generation".
Once you get through the original episodes, and the first 6 flicks, you'll be all caught up.

Re: KFC. Hmm, I wonder what he'd think of all the KFCs that are becoming Taco Bell hybrids.

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