Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy 27th birthday, Harry Hembock!


Previous birthdays.

Stuff that happened after the 26th.

Like I said in "The (third) YEAR Of Hembock!", I want to cobble together a fifth Harry book.
It'll come after "Quantum Dissolve", is done.
It would be cobbled together from the online story content on the Harry page, and all the anniversary stuff, and "other stuff", will be the bonus content.
Plus, there'd be exclusive-to-the-book bonus material to make you shell out your shekels.

So, since this counts towards that bonus material, I ought to think of something.

Well, I've got big plans after QD and Harry book 5 are done, but I can't talk about them.
They'll either work or fail, and if they work, they'll change the universe.
Which is why I have to hide it under my hat.

But big things are coming!
I just gotta get these pesky books done.
They're the seeds from which will grow the mighty redwood.

Stay tuned!


B. Dee said...

Is the world turning into a freakin South Park episode or something? Good lord:

Diacanu said...

Well, the quack just committed suicide by AIDS, so the problem has preemptively sorted itself out.
Either he'll die of AIDS, or take western medicine, and admit to the world he's a quack.
We'll see if his pride matters more than his life.

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