Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy fifth observed Darwin Day!

Seriously though, if you're a creationist, and I mean a CREATIONIST, 6000 year old Earth, Earth created before the sun and stars, clay man, rib lady, talkie snake, magic apple, human race comes from incest, Noah's Ark, more incest, then rainbows suddenly kick in, you are an idiot.
A fuckin' idiot.

I can give a special exemption into your mid-20's if you've been locked away by a regressive cult, maybe mid-30's if it's a reeeaally regressive cult.
But make it to your 40's-50's with that shit, with the information we have available?


Bee Dee said...

Was this YOUR idea?

Diacanu said...

No, that is funny, but I respect cats too much to degrade them like that.
They have it hard enough having to poop in a box, and use their tongue as toilet paper.
Bedazzling their assholio adds insult to injury.

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