Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happy 17th anniversary, The Krazyfool Show!!

Well, damn, folks.
I was gonna do that 5th episode of Krazyfool in Quantum Dissolve, but I finished off QD, and didn't do it.

Just as well, I can't recapture the magic.

BUT, as I said on the 28th Harry anniversary, and the 4th Jade-Shade anniversary, I'm merging Harry 5 and QD, and that will contain Krazyfool and it's sequels, so...there's that.
So, since Krazyfool is Harry/JS canon, then the Krazyfool anniversary stuff is going to be bonus features too.

So, all of those (and this) will be your extra Krazyfool content.


B. D. said...

I'm not recommending "Goodnight Mommy." It does this overly quiet, overly atmospheric thing, then turns into a torture movie because these two little kids think their mom is now a monster. Then there's some stupid half assed "twist" at the end. I say avoid. Or don't, it's your call.

I also saw "Rogue One." My friends wanted me to go and it cost $5. I didn't hate anything about it but wasn't particularly in love with any of it either. A better role for Forest Whitaker would have been nice. I guess Admiral Ackbar will be turning up in every SW movie until the end of time then.

Diacanu said...

Re: "Goodnight Mommy", yeah, they're having a really fucking hard time getting horror to work.

Re: "Rogue One", (nerd voice) that wasn't Admiral Ackbar, that was Admiral Raddus! *Adjusts glasses*

B. D. said...

Just so you know, the "twist" in "Goodnight Mommy" isn't some big dramatic M Night Shyamalan thing. It's more like "pssst, here's some shit we're gonna quietly toss at you so you can pretend the entire movie has a new meaning." The film is Austrian BTW.

Speaking of M. Night, apparently he actually made a good film for a change with "Split," but I've got to see it. His TV show may not be bad either! Holy crap, I thought the world was finally done with that dude a few years ago.

BTW in news, Denis Villenueve is gonna do the new "Dune." Gee, I hope that new "Blade Runner" doesn't flop on him in between now and then.

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