Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Update-athon (Part 1, 80's slashers).

Happy Halloween!!!! 
(Hell yeah, ya fuckin boogins!!!!)

Yeah, I'm using this post to remake the original into a prettier streamlined version. ;)

Happy Halloween!!!
(I put those back into the order I posted them in. Screw that "the release order of the first chapter", bullshit)

Now, the sequels in Halloween 2.

And, the sequels in Halloween 3. (and a little after)

Newer stuff.

Slasher-age nostalgia documentaries/books.

And...that's it.
Unless "Before The Mask", ever comes out, that about does it for the classic franchises, and the classic Freddy/Jason/Chucky/Leatherface continuity.

Robert Englund has "Fear Clinic", coming out.
Not holding my breath on that being good after "Inkubus", and "Moleman".
Willing to be wrong, but not pinning hopes on it.

I'm sure some cool new retro-80's franchise will come along.
But, for now, we're in a holding pattern.

Tomorrow, the classic monsters again.

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