Saturday, October 11, 2014

Terminator franchise update.

All old news, but doesn't hurt to scrapbook it.

Obligatory old posts.
Now, new business.
  • T5 is called "Terminator Genisys".
  • No explanation thus far for the hip misspelling.
  • Arnie is another T-800, but apparently, the meat layer can age. 
  • There'll be time travel hi-jinks in the time periods of T1 & T2 like in "Back To The Future II", going back to the first movie.
  • They shot it all back in August. Now, post-production until 2015.
  • Events of this film and its two sequels create a new timeline like JJ Abrams Trek.
  • There's also (allegedly) going be be a new Terminator TV series that will weave in and out of events of this new trilogy.

Man, they've fucked up the timeline.
I gotta work this out with an infographic....

(2 hours of research and grunt work later...)

Ooof, there!


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