Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DC Cinematic Universe updates. (part 2)

After acting like it was a "we'll have to kill you", level secret, DC up and exposed their whole slate, so here goes.

Suicide Squad plugs into the August 5th 2016 slot.
But, I care a lot less, because Harley isn't in it.

Wonder Woman is the June 23rd 2017 movie.
So, there was no gap there after all.

Justice League comes AFTER Wonder Woman in November 12th of 2017.
Also, they're calling it "Justice League Part 1".

Scratch the team-up with Green Lantern, the Flash is going solo March 23rd 2018.
Ezra Miller will be playing him.
Never heard of the dude.

Aquaman slips into the July 27th 2018 slot.

Shazam is getting bumped down to the April 5th 2019 slot.

Justice League Part 2 will be in the June 14th 2019 slot.


Cyborg solo movie slots into the April 3rd 2020 slot.

And, finally, a Green Lantern reboot fits into the June 19th 2020 slot.

So, there, all 9 mystery flicks accounted for,

Also, the Man Of Steel sequel and solo Batman flick aren't dead, they just haven't decided where to stick 'em in, but they say it's definitely before 2020.


Diacanu said...

Ope, the two 2020 slots are filled in with Cyborg and Green Lantern.

Diacanu said...

There, added Cyborg and Green Lantern.

Diacanu said...

Still no word on where this puts Sandman.

B. D. said...

You're going to be pretty offended: Type in "", with the "p" and the "s" reversed exactly as you see there, as I accidentally did today, and...oh nooooooo!!!

(have you already done this? sorry if you have)

Let's see...uhh...that movie "Nebraska" isn't that good.

Diacanu said...


Diacanu said...

Ah, okay, just tried it on a couple of my linked blogs, and it does that for every blogspot blog.

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