Saturday, January 7, 2012

More "There's Nothing To Know", Part 2.

The Vanity Parade.

Last one, I broke down how people are existentially meaningless, in large part due to the very success of our species in the form of overpopulation.

Only ones who'll argue with you over that, are religious cultists like the Duggars who literally wanna shit out 20 kids.
So, that tells you everything there.

Next step...well, I'll let my friend, Uncle Albert take this one.
He boiled all of this down into one fucking paragraph for me.

"...since fighting off predators and killing food with hand-made tools are situations that don't come up often in modern civilization, the dumber side of humanity substitutes arrogance, vanity, and loud-mouthedness for displays of valuable clan survival traits".

That's it right there.

Arrogance, vanity, and loud-mouthedness.

That's what it all comes down to.

All the high school popularity game shit,  all the towel snapping jock asshole shit, and secret code languages, and pretenses to prowess and knowledge to the point of magical powers that make the mating game hellish, all the obsessive need to "win", things that are unwinnable, because they aren't even contests, the need to even MAKE everything a contest, the bullshit "rules", of the contests, the herd-like pressure to follow the "rules", the mindless ritualistic activities you're on the hook to go through as part of "the rules", the whole deal.

Arrogance and vanity.
Loud-mouthedness just serves those first two.

Yes, that really does boil it down.
Thanks, Al, if only you'd come along before I wrote all that shit.
Mighta saved me some brain-sweat.

Yep, the whole damned ya-fuckin-hoo hoo-hah comes down to that.

Guess I'll call it "the vanity parade".

Or, the individual pieces "vanity games".

And, there's really nothing more to know about it.
Like I said at the very fucking beginning of the first chunk of these, I thought when I "grew up", I'd "get", this shit, and after much running in circles, it turns out, there was literally never anything to "get".
I had it nailed from the start.
Whole time.

Meaningless people attaching a cartoonish over-abundance of worthless un-earned vanity to meaningless activities and pursuits.
And being loud-mouths about it.
Mean, stupid, loudmouths.
It's exactly what it always looked like, folks.

And if it didn't look like that to you, if you bought into it, I honestly don't know what the fuck to tell ya.

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