Sunday, January 8, 2012

More "There's Nothing To Know", Part 3

Pussy control.

Or, Fuckin' Part 4.

So, picking up from here...

This bit in particular.

"So, what IS this culture's rationalization for deciding on this whole judgement deal?
Surely it was reasoned out.
Surely there's a logic to it.
Surely some wizened elders from the scientific and philosophical communities worked all this out".


All based on nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

There's nothing to know.
There's nothing even there.

"But...this whole deal sounds quite important to our're telling me...we just let the IDIOTS run around, and make all this shit up??".

Exactly what I'm saying.
It actually happened.
Believe it.

"Holy fucking shit!".

Yeah, I know.

So, let's delve into the mindset of the idiots.

Was there a logic train to any of it?

Far as I can tell, just Patriarchy.

The logic train behind Patriarchy?
Nothin. No logic.
Don't look for it. You'll get trapped in a vortex.

Just because they wanted it.
Same as all the other power grabs in history.
"I wannit! *grab*", history takes a shitty turn.

Oh, okay, it's a bit more "sophisticated", than that...

See, he who controls the pussy, controls the species, and controls the world.

That's why all your creepy cults have pussy-control at their core.
And...are typically led by some asshole with a dominated harem of zombie bitches.
It's a guy thing.
It's always a guy thing.

If your creepy cult hangs on long enough, then, it gets interwoven into "the culture", and the political zombies get to appeal to it as "traditional".

And, that's about where we are on the planet right to this day.
All these little mafia families, duking it out.
Call 'em religions, call 'em countries, call 'em "ideologies", call 'em corporations, they're just a bunch of mafioso families straight out of Shakespeare, and they've all got a cult they wanna shove into your head, and they've all got a mutated strain of pussy-control going on.

And the pussy-control ethos trickles down into the rabble.
Like industrial waste into the water supply.

And it's all just part of the mindless, meaningless, Vanity Parade.

Pussy-control by "power interests", is where you get most of the shit in this rant.
And, the waste product of that, is how you get dysfunctional relationship mess in this rant.
And, when the waste product of that gets toxic, you get this shit.

The middle east? Burqas?
Patriarchal pussy-control.

The fashion industry?

Hair and makeup.

Beauty pageants.

Child beauty pageants.
Starting 'em young.
They're doomed.

The diet industry?

The abortion "debate"?



Every church ever.
(In the form of pussy-denial, but still...)


Movie ratings.

Parental blocking.

The v-chip.

All of it because of power.
"Cuz I wannit!".
"Cuz gimme!".

Vanity and horny.
Vain horny monkeys in clothes.

And the smart people, who could have, and should have stopped it?

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