Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More "There's Nothing To Know", Part 8

"Feeding My Family!".

Yeah, this is one of the all time conversation stoppers.
People love it as a debate force-field, but let's knock it the fuck down, cuz it's shit.

It's a force-field, because it "sounds noble".

It also intersects at that whole "greater good", pile of shit.

Look, wild animals fucking breed, it's not a magical fucking thing.

It certainly isn't "part of something bigger than yourself", and the last thing it is, is "ultimate meaning".

Dumb people think so.
That's why dumb people get shut down by that one.
Not me, fuck that.

Getting back to animals, fucking cows on a farm "feed their family", with their teats.
How fucking heroic is that?
When half their offspring are doomed to slaughter?

Are you a cow, sending your kids off to slaughter?
Oblivious that that's what you're even fucking doing?
As you chew your cud?

Let's look at it.

Right off the top, the argument gets thrown out, by people leading the life of a zombie for "the greater good", of "feeding my family!".

Well, have you set them down the path of being another fucking zombie?

Is this cycle just going to mindlessly continue?

See, this shit sounds "noble", cuz there's "saaaacrifiiice", but if you're sacrificing, so they can just grow up to sacrifice, so their kids sacrifice, so their kids's NOT "sacrifice", it's getting fucked up the ass.

Like an old lady in Reno working the slots, flushing her money right down the fucking toilet.


And "feeding my family!", doesn't tell me that one way or the other.
It just tells me you're performing the mindless act of stuffing food into their guts.

Strippers buy their kids beefaroni, and keep the rugrats alive, I don't see these same fucking upper-middle-class people pinning a medal on them.
Don't wait for it, ain't gonna happen.

And, what if you're just shitty?
What if you abuse your kids?
What if you're stuffing their heads full of stupid evil bullshit that'll cripple 'em?
What if, you're standing idly by, while the media turns them into a mindless zombie consumer?
To value empty arrogant vanity as a substitute for real self esteem?
To be one of the assholes you always hated growing up, because it helps them "fit in", that it "makes them strong"?

Eh? You doing that?

"Feeding my family", doesn't tell me if you're doing that or not.

Shit, getting back to the stripper, what if her kids end up nicer than yours?
What the fuck does that say?

Maybe feeding 'em ain't the end of the story, maybe it's something fucking more.

And "feeding my family!", doesn't tell me that something more.
So, it doesn't impress.

Maybe, I'm to assume the "something more", in that you're not shitty?
From what? Tone of voice?
Maybe you're a sociopathic fucking liar who puts on a really good show.
I don't respond to shows, gimme a fucking argument to sink my teeth into.

No, what "I'm feeding my family!", says, is "...FEELINGS!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!".

If it's gonna come down to something that pathetic, leave me alone, don't even get into it with me in the first place, AppleJack.

Like I said in Part 6, people LOVE to put on a fucking SHOW of LOOKING, and FEELING "noble", but not so much the BEING noble.

You know what's not so noble?
Putting on a show of it.
If "feeding my family!", is your little show, I'm left to assume the worst.
That you're cattle making more cattle.
That you're trafficking in meat.

But that's anything but impressive, in fact, as I said in part 1, it's the default setting of humans, indeed, of most multi-cellular animals.

Maybe it's a sad attempt at a personal dig?
Because I have yet to further pollute the environment by shooting out a unit?
Pathetic "insult", folks.
Again, gimme a real argument, or don't even start.
Raw biology isn't an argument, it's as if a queen ant tried to shit some eggs in my face.
Doesn't get more base than that.

No, this whole premise is a meaningless act in and of itself.
And further backs up part 1.
This is the kind of activity you get on an overpopulated planet of molecular robots.
It's exactly what you can expect.

There's nothing to know about it, it is what it is.

No magic, no "secret", another animal ploy.
Another nasty act of cunning for The Vanity Parade.

What it isn't, is "noble".

Raising kids who aren't assholes is.
Making a better world for them is.
But, we gotta wait and see for that shit, don't we?
In the meantime "I'm feeding my family!", is really "IOU a decent argument, gimme 20 years".

And if that ain't a concession to me, nothing is
So, we're done.

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