Friday, January 6, 2012

More "There's Nothing To Know". Part 1.

Ultimate Meaning.

It's crap.

The ultimate meaning is that there's no ultimate meaning.

There's no fuckin' God, there's no fuckin' magic (see here), this is it.

We're products of evolution.
We're molecular robots.
Our "purpose", is to make more molecular robots.

But, with 10 billion people on this planet, and the environment straining to support us, I think we're pretty much done.

So, we don't even have that "purpose", to shore us up anymore.

We truly are meaningless.
In the big existential sense, anyway.

But, fuck "the meaning of life", anyway.

Why do you even want there to be a "THE meaning of life"?

What if such a thing actually appeared, and it told you to be a sewer maintenance guy, or a crack whore?
Would you go along with that shit?
Naw, fuck that.

There's the meaning of YOUR life, and if you don't know what that fucking is, go fucking GET it, or you're fucked.

Looootta people wanna be TOLD what their fucking meaning is, and the shit their "leaders", tell them is, well,  a buncha shit.

That's pretty much how we end up with alla this shit here.

So, yeah, next time you hear some twit moaning about his failed quest for "the meaning of life", smack the fucker.

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