Sunday, January 8, 2012

More "There's Nothing To Know", Part 4

"Something bigger than yourself".

Another bunch of shit.

You usually hear this steaming load when someone is about to join a cult.
Or, the military.

"I want to be a part of something bigger than myself!".

Hey, goofball, you can't be a part of something bigger than yourself, because, there's no such fucking thing.

1.) As a human, you're the best thing this stupid planet makes.

2.) Anything man-made has some singular person's fevered ego at the core of it, and no way they're bigger than you. And no way is serving someone's else's Vanity Parade a "big", thing in the world, much less bigger than a person.

3.) The one thing that's truly bigger than you, is the fucking Universe, and you're a part of that by just fucking existing. Your atoms were forged in the heart of super novae, and thanks to modern industrial food production, your chemical elements came from all over the Earth, believe me, you're "in communion", it doesn't get more "communion-y".
You're done.
Don't let any piece of shit sell you on being "incomplete".

4.) Look at all the candidates for "bigger than yourself". Really look at 'em. Corrupted rot on all of 'em.
Ain't one of 'em fucking worthy to claim the title if there were such a thing.

5.) I repeat, stop looking for "ultimate meaning", it's a load of shit.

6.) You know what "being a part", looks like? A fucking ant hill.

Now get comfortable with yourself, awaken from your illusion, calm the fuck down, and have some fucking cocoa.
It's not fucking complicated.

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