Friday, January 13, 2012

Okay so....

....that's the end of those.
(Society rants, I mean)

Like I said during the overview of 2011...

I ranted some more about how everything that ever made me miserable doesn't exist, it's just some ideas some fucking unimaginative morons came up with.
I gotta do this some more, it's fun.

So, I did that in the form of "MORE "There's nothing To Know"", and, now that's done.

And, it WAS fun.

This time, it concluded better, it feels like a complete comedy concert to me, and not a sputtering out.
So, that feels good.

So...checking that off on the list....

Oddly enough, what gave me the shot in the arm to do the sequel, was reading "Gladiator".

Philip Wylie laid right out what always made me sick about people in vivid detail, it was like Superman meets a Carlin/Twain rant, I fucking loved it.

I took a lot of heat, and sniping from friends about that first batch of those rants, and that may have taken the wind out of my sails, and made me wind them down...but "Gladiator", told me I was on the right fucking track.

It really fucking jazzed me in a way nothing has in a helluva fucking while.

Not only was someone thinking the shit I was thinking 80 years ago, but it was the inventor of the superhero!

I grow up thinking Superman was the first super-guy, and that Harry wouldn't be allowed in his little club...then I find out it's Hugo Danner, and that Hugo and Harry would have gotten along like a house on fire.
It literally rewrote history for me.

It's been a nifty couple of weeks.

See? And I wouldn't have gotten that, if I hadn't done all those reviews.

So, yeah, fuck it, let's do some more of those!
Reviews, I mean.
I got a bushel left I didn't get to do by Christmas and New Years, how about I kill the list?
All righty then!

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