Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More "There's Nothing To Know", Part 7

"The greater good".

People take a lot of shit under that banner.

Stop taking shit.

The greater good ain't coming.

It's another fucking hustle.

All the eroding of our civil liberties after 9/11 was "to keep us safe", and that fell into "the greater good", category.

Are we fucking safe?
Didn't work.
It was a lie.

Here's a clue, life isn't safe.
And you never get out of it alive in the end.

Iraq was to "protect the homeland", or whatever the randomly mutating meaningless jargon was.
Was Saddam a threat to us?
It was a lie.

This country tortures now.
America isn't "the good guys", anymore.
It's a shitty evil country now.
Like all the other shitty evil countries.
Did a "greater good", come out of that?
Nooope, another fucking lie.

In day-to-day life, people swallow down their miserable enslaved existences, and buy into a whoooole lotta empty rhetoric about "serving society", and "being a good American", or even "being a part of something bigger than myself", to get through it.

And they're even trained to bullshit themselves to get through it.

Doesn't wash though.
"The big reward", never comes.
The "golden society", never appears.
They get fisted up the ass by some bankers, and some oil barons, the rug gets pulled out from under, they're back to financial square fucking one, and the whip just keeps on cracking.

And the drum keeps on beating.
Keep rowing!

You get sold it by both sides of the aisle too.

If we take away your records, and your games, and your porno, and make everything boring, and antiseptic, and shitty and awful...it'll be Utopia!

If we gear everything down to our puritanical deluded vision of "children",...it'll be Utopia!

Come on, take it for the team, it's for the greater good!

The greater good ain't coming folks.
Not from rottenness, and lies.
Not from shrinking liberty.
Not from oppression.
Not from piled corpses.
Never from assholes.
And this shit is never "temporary".
They're bullshitting you.
Always have been.

First time you heard that phrase "the greater good", it was in relation to something awful, and your gut reacted, didn't it?
Listen to it, it was right.
There was nothing to know there, you already knew it.

I think "the greater good", lives next to "ultimate meaning", in imagination-land somewhere.

They fish off the docks, get drunk on cheap beer, and tell wife-beating jokes.

Fuck the greater good.
I like my goods lug-able, and where I can fucking see them.

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