Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More "There's Nothing To Know", Part 9

The feelings barrier.

Mentioned that one here.

Said there was nothing to know about it, but, let's dig into it to kill it once and for all.
Tie it back to this other stuff.

From the last one...

No, what "I'm feeding my family!", says, is "...FEELINGS!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!".

Well, you run into that with just about all of this awful fuckin' stuff.

Knock down the dumb, fake, lip-quivering, sniffle-voiced, self justifying, circular arguments, that's all there fuckin' is.

"Whence the transcendent?".

"Feelings!! Leave me alone!!".

"Why conformity?".

"Feelings!! Leave me alone!!".

"Why separate social rules for different people? And whence the criteria?".

"Feelings!! Leave me alone!!".

"Why THESE particular social rituals? Why THESE particular drugs? Why...".

"Feelings!! Leave me alone!!".

And when you finally break all that dumb shit the fuck down, it's finally "it's just LIFE!! Live it!!".

Or, they'll soap-opera it up a bit, into "it's what you DON'T do!!".

Nothing like pretending vague is deep to feed that fucking ego, huh?
Oh, yeah, why that?

Tsst, "life".
Fuck off.
I get along just fine without boring, annoying, stupid, bullshit.
Haven't died yet of it.
Why, I'm...alive!
Fancy that!
Yep! Still!

And, um, fuck your feelings.
They suck.
What a dumb awful world of greed, annoyance, and death they've made.
Every disaster on the news is someone's goofy fucking FEELING.

9/11 was a fucking feeling.
A big giant baby tantrum squawk written in flame, and ash, and carcasses.
Aren't you so fucking impressed?
Well, now you know how I feel.

So, let's dig right into this feelings barrier.
What are they feeling?
It's really "I dunno, I'm dumb, there is NO answer, stop making me FEEL bad about it!".

And, that's the point where, if you keep pushing, they'll....kill ya.
Why do you think there's a death penalty for smartass teenagers in the fucking bible?
Hmm? Yeah.
Or, how about when Socrates was made to drink hemlock?
This shit's been going on for a long fucking time.

Dumbasses don't like smartasses.

Even the Bronze-Age-God wants ya stupid.
Good and!
Flat out says so in black and white.
Hey, leaves no room for vagueness for me.

And this shit can't NOT break down, cuz the fucking WORLD breaks down.

Whence all this insecurity?
Existential angst of being part of a meaningless herd, I guess.
Go figure.

Frankly, I'm GLAD it's all fucking meaningless.
Pressure's off.

My cloistered weirdness is as valid as your goddamned loudmouthed booze-ups.
Take your goofball notion of what "life", is or "the way things are to be",  and cram em, sideways, without lube.
Lemme know how it FEELS.
Sure it'll be fucking interesting.

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