Monday, January 9, 2012

More "There's Nothing To Know", Part 6


Americans like to LOOK noble, and FEEL noble, they just don't want to BE noble.

They like to spout empty-headed slogans that sound noble to empty-headed superficial people, they like to make a show of things that look like they make you a good person, usually just with superficial labels, no actual good behavior, or, they co-opt that bullshit by "standing up for it", and look "heroic", that way.
Like they picked the right fucking "team", to be on.

But, these same people, poke at their slogans, poke at their superstitions, they'll try to rip you apart with rusty butter-knives.

It's for show, it's a Vanity Parade, something to make their meaningless lives seem, and feel "interesting".

They so much as think you're threatening that ego-gratifying shit, they'll KILL YA.
They'll fuckin' KILL YA.

Do not doubt that shit.

I dunno, that's some deep neural thing in the human animal, maybe.

Seems to me, hey, you're gonna be a rotten prick, just be that.
You're gonna be noble, fucking commit to that, and when you fuck up along the way, own it.
Nope, people wanna be rotten muthafuckas, AND think they're wonderful.
And for YOU to think they're wonderful.
Shit, look at OJ.

And, that's where all this phony superficial nobility shit comes in.

Well, like I said in the last one, I think it's fuckin' laziness.
It's EASY to slap a label on, pick a random deity, vote "the right way", and then cave to your base impulses, and behave like swine.

By that score, we got a looootta lazy muthafuckas.
Lot of 'em.

But, we got a lot of people period.
And with no proper meaning, what with the whole overpopulation thing, this is some of the shit they get up to.
This is what you get.
This is exactly what you should expect.

Aaanyhoo, if you're one of these superficial preening twits, fuck your noble.

Just like fuck your comfort.

Fuck your noble, fuck your comfort, and fuck the comfort you get from your fake fuckin' noble.

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