Monday, January 9, 2012

More "There's Nothing To Know", Part 5

"Life is more interesting with....".

Insert religion, spirituality, conspiracy theories, ghosts, psychics, UFOs, "the paranormal", "crypto-zoology", etc, etc...

Fuck off.

Life bores you that much?

Life bores you, climb a mountain.
Jump out of a plane.
Mask up, and fight street crime.
Don't wanna do those, you really ain't fucking bored enough.
Bored, and lazy is what you are.
In thought, and deed.

You get this "life is more interesting with..", line of argument very rarely, and only when the person is cornered after you've relentlessly debunked their bullshit.

OR, they love to dress it up with "beauty", and put it in the negative, and push it over into your corner with "materialism lacks beauty".

Fuck off.

Look at the Hubble photos, and dare tell me crystal waving would have summoned up that shit.

*Eye roll, head shake*

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