Thursday, January 12, 2012

More "There's Nothing To Know", Part 10

The way out.

Ain't one.

I mean, if our "purpose", on this planet was to breed, and now we're over-bred to the point of ridiculousness, only two reasonable options remain.

Genocide, or space.
No one's stepping up to die, so, we gotta go out into space.

Don't hold your breath.
We ain't going anywhere.
Ranted about that here.

Arthur C. Clarke agreed with me, but he was nicer about it, cuz he had to play politics, or get burned as a witch, and he's dead now.
All my heroes are fucking dead people.

So, I dunno, go listen to Katy Perry, jack off, and wait out those remaining 4 or so decades for the reaper to claim you, I guess.

Me, I'm instinctively compelled by my hobbies.
And, we've got this internet thing, so, that gives me a teensy weensy speck of hope we're going in the right direction.
And, I get to write this blog on it, and that's "my special work".

Get to feel "useful", for nanoseconds at a time.

Which, is healthy, any more than that, you're delusional.
S'not good for people.
Look at Donald Trump, y'know?

You only need nanoseconds.
Hope, "meaning", "purpose", all that crap, you don't need it constantly, just a little boost of it like your morning coffee to get you through your day.

All these fevered egos running around, they're self-esteem junkies.

I guess that's the message I wanna leave you all with.
Don't be a junkie, and don't make life miserable for the lifeforms in your vicinity.
I know, it's hard, cuz there's so little elbow room left on the planet, but...try, wouldja?
Wouldja just try?
All right.

Just because the species is a doomed failure, doesn't mean we have to be miserable as we go out.

Lotta room for enjoyment between then and now.
Let's not fuck it up.

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