Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Religion, final arguments.

Yeah, I've dissected it from every angle, but by way of consolidation, one more pass at this, and then I think I'm done.


I'd have way less of a problem with it if....

....there weren't an exalted class of legally bulletproof weirdo clerics with an invincible head honcho who exploited their power for the most repulsive human behavior there is, the victimization of children.

....said class of people didn't think their opinions were so intrinsically special they could arrogantly wave away any criticism, and act like horrified little victims when that criticism heedlessly plows ahead.

....religion didn't arrogantly assume it had such a special place in our culture, that claiming it for oneself, sincerely or not, gave one a special pass to use the levers of the media to spew the most morally disgusting smegma there is (1, 2), and then totally get away with it, as if they had merely asserted something as non-controversial as "kittens are cute!". wasn't used as a tool to stir up violent feelings in people. hadn't invented a whole dopey code language to conceal either its wicked ideas, or flat out lack of ideas.

...if it didn't feature among it's tenets bigotry to gays, suppression of women, bad ideas like "chosen people", "holy lands", and all the other ways it's used over the centuries of making people second class, therefore creating conflict. stayed the FUCK out of politics.

...if it didn't continually attack science.

....and, if it didn't employ fear based superstitions as the means to accomplish all of the above.

Basically, if it weren't a fucking industry.

If it weren't a fucking racket.

Then rational people wouldn't be in the cultural position of having to have these "hey, you stupid atheists! What about THIS?!", type of arguments.

And then those arguments wouldn't be so damned repetitive, I wouldn't have felt compelled to devote so many damned rants, a critical thinking section, and a Dicky-pedia to save having to write the same shit another thousand times.

If it weren't a racket, if it didn't do all that awful lousy crap, I'd have way less of a problem with it, really.

Then, it'd be a private matter, it'd be well, a spirituality.

Course, I'm a scoffer for that too, because I find the supernatural to be a nonsense concept.

But whatever.
Like I said ages ago in another rant, you can believe whatever you want, it's when you try to persuade another human being that criticism and debate comes into play.

And any religion worth the respect it demands, ought to be able to withstand that.

I don't see many religions doing that.


But then...I also get on "spirituality", that requires the same obedience, donations, buying junky paraphernalia, etc, etc, as religion.

Then it becomes a racket all over again.
And when things become a fucking racket, all the shit I outlined above happens all over again.

If religion could calm down to a spirituality, and that spirituality didn't have the eye on the prize of being another racket, if they could make a religion/spirituality that pulled that off, that was actually good for people, you really wouldn't hear me bitch at all.

But look at the world we're in.

The world we're in, is the one where it's a very easy case to make that religion was the worst tragedy to befall mankind.

It's a topic that bums me right the fuck out.
S'why I wanted to write this clearing-house rant to link to to save time.

Next up...politics...

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