Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sophisticated Theology

A meaningless term, once one ponders whatever the fuck "UNsophisticated theology", might be.

How basic can the arguments get?
"I believe it, because I believe it, SO THERE!!"??

Would that even be "theology"?

Therefore, it's really plain old theology with an important sounding name.

Used as a term of smugness, mostly against atheism.

Sometimes used as a term of smugness against theism, but seemingly only in its most overtly and undeniably violent/perverted excesses.

Or, if the person in question is cornered in a debate by being faced with the ludicrous/contradictory/abhorrent notions of theists texts.

"That's a straw man! That's not the God I recognize/worship! Clearly you haven't read any books on sophisticated theology!".

Thus of course, divorcing themselves from of any theists in the vicinity who take a mainline literalist interpretation of said texts.
Yet they'll turn right around and seek backup from them.

Similar on the surface to "sophisticated spirituality", but unlike the vague boogedy of "spirituality", those who bring "sophisticated theology", into the discussion are either directly defending the God of theism, or (as a debate construct only, it seems) a vague fuzzy Deist God, who only seems to exists as some sense of "the supernatural", camouflaged as "the transcendent", which somehow morphs back into the God of theism via the Bible being "psychologically true", or some such.

So, again, it's the same old theology with a pretty name.

Which makes it just another tool in the bag of tricks of old time theology.

And like old fashioned theology, it all boils down in the end to faith.

(See here for how the Bible itself pops the bubble of these twits)

(Also see "Religion", "organized religion", Holy", & "Sacred")

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Diacanu said...

Yeah, Santi's bullshit today inspired this one.

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