Sunday, June 12, 2011

There's nothing to know #2.


Okay boys n' girls, it's like this.

Girls got one of these...

Guys got one of these....

Penis goes in the vagina, there's a bit of a butter churning motion for a couple minutes, white stuff comes out of the penis, the white stuff has microscopic tadpoles swimming in it, one of the tadpoles makes it up inside the woman, merges with a cell called the Egg Cell, the resultant fusion splits into tens, hundreds, millions, billions, trillions, and turns into a baby.

And that's where they come from, not a cabbage patch, or the stork.

There, that was easy.

That's "the mystery of life".

No cosmic vortex, no acid-trippy-hyperspace-sequence, no booming voice from the invisible sky daddy, nothin.

That's it.

From here on out, we'll call this procedure "sex", or "fuckin".
Mostly fuckin.

Wars have been fought over it, all the best swears are based on it, all the best jokes, all the really good movies they won't let you see, that's what it's been about.

That's it.

Oh, that, and the whole butter churning process leading up to the babymaking pecker-sneeze feels quite pleasant, so, a lot of people do it just for the sake of that, instead of the whole baby thing.
In fact, some people go their whole lives trying to avoid the whole baby deal.
They're extremely disappointed when it happens.
Party's over.

Oh, and positions seem to help, but there's only so many holes, and only so many places for the legs to go, but, if you're interested, Google "Kama Sutra", or "Cosmopolitan", and you'll end up with something.

Aaaand, when you run out of hole and leg combinations, all that's left, is silly costumes, torture devices, and peeing and pooping on each other.

But, that's not even sex.
But, stupid fucked up people will not only act like it is, but like it's the next thing after sex.
But yeah, that's the "mystery knowledge", kinky people think they have up their sleeve.

There's no fourth hole hiding in another dimension or nothin' like that.

That's it.

All there is.

That's something else the giggling idiots think they're geniuses for knowing.
Or, geniuses for doing.
Or, pretending they did.
Or, pretending they did WELL.

And oh, yeah, stupid people aren't astronauts or nothing, so they usually got their chick into the sack by being the sort of smarmy, slimy, phony twit I mentioned in the last entry.

More often than not, alcohol was involved.
That's more or less why that stuff exists.

And that whole "accomplishment", adds to their giggling idiotism.

These are the basics, we're going to build on this.

You're going to find as we go, there pretty much is no legitimate license for arrogant assholism on this whole miserable fucking planet.
(Despite that this planet is filled to busting with it)

Well, Buzz Aldran, cuz he landed on the moon, he gets to crush anybody.
But, he doesn't, because he's a class act.

So, yeah, nothing.

So, anyway, back to the culture built up around this activity.

All the trouble you got into for trying to see a movie everyone was laughing their asses off at in the next room as a kid?
It was about fucking.

The forbidden magazines in Dad's stash?

The shit you had to put up with for saying "fuck"?

The reason movies are even rated?
Some uptight old christian ladies don't want you to find out about fuckin.

Fake fuckin.
Implied fuckin.
Talking about fuckin.
Or, just saying "fuck".
"Mature audiences"?

Same as R, but you might see vaginal lips, or a dick, and it's all buried in a very pretentious movie that doesn't make it even worth it.


A marketing gimmick by the porn industry.
X is X.
But fuckin.

Fuckin on DVD.
Or, the internet, but yeah, fuckin.

Covered eyes, hushed voices, whispers.
All to conceal fuckin.

Weird family secrets you won't get to hear until you're 20?
They pretty much will involve fuckin.

This culture will judge you on how soon you get down to fuckin.
The longer you go, the more the idiots will giggle.

Course, the giggling idiots will end up with a bunch of ugly kids, and some ex-wives, so, pppt.

Unless you're a girl.
Fuck too soon, and/or too often, and be a girl, and you're a "whore", or a "slut".
And guess who giggles?
The idiots.
Be the one who gets knocked up in the equation, forget it, you're fucked.

"So, what IS this culture's rationalization for deciding on this whole judgement deal?
Surely it was reasoned out.
Surely there's a logic to it.
Surely some wizened elders from the scientific and philosophical communities worked all this out".


All based on nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

There's nothing to know.
There's nothing even there.

"But...this whole deal sounds quite important to our're telling me...we just let the IDIOTS run around, and make all this shit up??".

Exactly what I'm saying.
It actually happened.
Believe it.

"Holy fucking shit!".

Yeah, I know.

"And all these shitty little morons....we let them breed, we let them become our leaders, we let them start wars...".


"Holy fucking shit, that's depressing!".


Yeah, the adult world is as stupid as you thought.

You couldn't put your finger on the fine details, but there was a vibe there.

Go with those instincts.
That's the theme of this.
You're right.
Everything you feel is right.

There's no cosmic secret.
This whole "fuckin", thing is about as deep as it ever gets.

Why did everyone act like this was a COSMIC secret and build it all up?

They're stupid.

And yes, they're actually THAT stupid.

Yeah, take it all in.

That's the scope of it.

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