Monday, June 20, 2011

There's nothing to know #12.

Eh, let's rush through a bunch of these, like the first one...

"Feeling grown up".

Nothing happens, you just keep on living.


It looks like strips of paper, and bits of metal, doesn't it?
It is.
Lot of cultural effort devoted to imparting magic onto it.
There ain't any.
But, you're gonna find yourself caught under the weight of it someday regardless.
Get used to it.


Yeah, that really is what it looks like.
Just the mass of people giving a minority of people the ability to push the mass of people around.
And if it seems like a bunch of 'em are getting off on it, they are.
They totally fucking are.
See "politicians".


The cold-blooded word for the "love and romance", package.
Cuz even a loveless emotionally dead pairing can be called "a relationship".
Yeah, like money, and politicians, I don't think that one's going away.
Be wary of that term, but know you'll never truly be free of it.


Crap, nothing there. Has no arguments, never did.
One group of people trying to make themselves feel better about themselves at the expense of another group of people.
Where have we heard that before?
Same thing, cranked to eleven.


See racism.


Unless it's stealing bread for your kids, or lying to Nazis to protect the people in your attic, fuck off.

Aren't you so fucking tired of these fucking politicians, or just people in your life in general, who do something that crosses a line, and either they give you "what? What are you gonna do about it?", or they try to sell you on some "greater good", shit, and then the greater good never fucking comes?

Or, they'll play that you're "naive", and give off that "I've got a seeecret", vibe?

It's shit. It's what it looks like. People being shits.
Fuck 'em.
Fuck their dumb fucking faces, fuck their dumb fucking movements, fuck 'em.


Like 'em?
Don't like 'em, can't fathom 'em, think you're missing a mystery?
Quit it.
It's what it looks like.
Guys throwing balls around.
If you've gone your whole life, and it hasn't clicked for you by now, it ain't gonna.
Don't stress it.

Being sociable?

Still not complicated. People purposefully try to make it so, it ain't.

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