Thursday, June 16, 2011

There's nothing to know #9.


...or "the it factor".

Ya hear that about celebrities.
I think there's even a show called "the it factor", if I remember right.

This shit's an appeal to "the ineffable", which is just a big fat argument from ignorance.

Maybe you ask yourself "why can't someone just be talented, and/or be attractive, and/or have a strong personality, and not have it be an appeal to fucking MAGIC?".

Well, there's nothing to know there.
The question answers itself.

More human bullshit.
And Einsteins didn't come up with it, so don't sweat it being too fucking complicated either.

If you're one of these fucking talent agents that has to justify their fucking existence, you no doubt get paid more if you can vaguely claim to have magical powers.

Has to be vague though, if you come right out, and say you have magical powers, you may as well put a pyramid hat on, and start a cult.

BUT, claim the ability to "spot 'it',", then, you get the power rush of a cult leader, and the legitimacy of a suit wearing professional.

Name painted on a frosted glass door and everything.

So, how are these fuckers doing?

Well, rattle off 20 celebrities you fucking despise.
Right now, count it off on your fingers.
Maybe, just maybe, you'll have a little struggle past 15, but those first 10 fly right out, don't they?

They're right fucking there, ruining your fucking TV and radio.

And I betcha dollars to fucking donuts, some insufferable cockmonger told them they had "it".

So, that's "it", for ya.

Another pseudo-mystery deflated.

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