Sunday, July 6, 2008

Who IS Harry Hembock??

Harry Hembock is my Mickey Mouse, my Spider-Man.

He's the star and/or cameo player in virtually all of my fiction.

I created him back in 1989 in a random fit of alliteration.
He was a character who got beaten, crushed, mutilated, but still won the day by perservering.
Sort of like Tom, from Tom & Jerry, but with the more noble motivations of a Bugs Bunny.
Thus, the title of his first primitive adventure was "The Adventures Of Harry Hembock, Hurt Hero!".

Over the years, my writing slowly got more sophisticated, and the character's tribulations became more symbolic and emotional than literally physical, and the "Hurt Hero", dropped away in the early 90's.

By the late 90's, he evolved into an actually competent superhero, but with a mad scientist bent to his modus operandi.
Sort of a Batman, but with a more jacked up Mr. Spock level IQ.

But, the series got bogged down with technobabble (much like Trek at the time) and in combination with real life getting in the way, I drifted away from my art/writing, and Harry fell by the wayside.

Then, I discovered this kooky internet thing, and I gradually got back into my writing again, and as I did, Harry snuck out of the little box in the attic in my mind I had him packed away in.

"Nobody Loves Harry Hembock", marks the rebooting of the Harry Hembock series of stories/cartoons.
I combined the best elements of his origin story and overall mythos, and in so doing, merged the mad scientist, superhero, and put apon victim sides of the character in what I think is an audience pleasing way.

You'd barely be able to tell it was a story that took 15 years of refining on the original pass. :P

So, check out "Nobody Loves Harry Hembock", I consider it not only to be my best story to date, but I truly believe it to be superior to the Wil Smith film "Hancock", which bears striking resemblences to my story, but I wrote mine first, and again, mine's better.
Grounds for a lawsuit? Fuck it, the schadenfreude of it being a critical flop, and box office dissapointment is enough to warm my heart. *Evil grin*

Oh, and thirdly, you'll want to be all caught up for the upcoming sequel "Everybody Still Hates Harry Hembock", and the following blog exclusive minisodes, which will serve as an infinite bridge between Harry 1 & 2.

Fourthly, y'know *wink, wink, nudge* if you like "Nobody Loves Harry Hembock", check out the stories that led up to it, that are now retroactively sequels within the same universe, some of which cameo Harry.


And, for more detail on the evolution of the Harry Hembock storyline, check these links...

History of the Harryverse- Part 1, part 2.

*Waits for everyone to read everything, taps foot, looks at watch*
All caught up now? Good.
Let's proceed....


Lee said...

Now does the story come with pictures?


Diacanu said...

Probably not.
I'm out of the cartooning game.
I'll have a post on that someday.

Diacanu said...

Tsht, "out of cartooning", you're silly, me from two months ago.

Steve Zara said...

Weird, but in a good way.

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