Saturday, June 25, 2011

There's nothing to know #12.75.

Fuck it.

I got accused recently of "hand waving", in these.

What of it?
Fuck it.

Let's look at religion, I've beaten that to absolute fucking death in teeth-aching detail why that's all fucking made up.

Well, once you know it's all made up, the whole fucking edifice, do the fine details really matter?

Does it matter WHY the Pope wears his stupid hat?
Do you care if his curly cane has a spooky mythic origin story?
Do you care WHAT that story is?
I don't.
Cuz it's all fucking made up.
You're going to be illuminated of WHAT the bullshit story is, but it's going to be a bullshit story.
An eye-roller of one.
Cuz it ain't real.
They made it the fuck up.
The whole thing.
Top to bottom.
Fuck it.

And I got nothing inherently against made up bullshit stories, I love movies after all.

But movies are harmless.
Religion, not so much.

And the things I describe in these other rants?
Not so much.

And like with religion, once you know that humans are evolved, that we're monkeys in clothes, what more do you need to know?

Dance clubs, social drinking, peer rejection, what do you think you're going to find out?
It's going to be like the Pope's fucking hat, some shit people got together on, and made the fuck up.

If it's harmless, I don't give a shit, but, in the very specific cases I laid out, not so much.

I've figured it out for myself, I've "gotten over it", I don't really care anymore, I'm pretty jaded, and in the day to day, kinda bored with it all.

BUT, I wish someone had told me.
I really do.
Woulda saved a lot of time.
I value nothing at all about the hours of head-scratching.
Someone just should've said, and got it the fuck over with.

Either no one has the balls to tell you, or they think there's something to you figuring it out yourself from being smacked around by life, or...and this is the retarded part, that it's ineffable.

Well, I don't happen to buy into any of those, especially the last one.

I don't think anything is, I think every idea can be conveyed, all information is transferable, and pretty much all of it should be.

I'm also accused of dwelling on my childhood/teenhood.

My reasoning is thus.

If, human beings are these monkeys, these reactive animals, you can get at the guts of people as kids.

The human animal is at its core there.

And what comes after that, well, it just seems to be Pope hats, and Pope canes.
A bunch of PPPT, who cares?

That core, that's the thing to know.

That's why I go back there.

Again, back to the Pope and his hat, they can make their goofy mojo rituals as convoluted and complex as they want...but, in the end, it's essentially dancing around the fire with a bone in your nose.

Well, if we're monkeys, and we are, just about everything is a bone in your nose.
Social ritual wise, anyway.

And I see no brilliant argument in place for preferring one form of bone in the nose over another.

"Oh, this form of bone in the nose dancing doesn't have superstition involved!".

Well, that's good, superstition is a bunch of destructive shit, and if superstition-free bone dancing stays harmless, have fun with that.

But, when it's not harmless, when it becomes tribalist, and nasty, why NOT break it the fuck down, and leave it in dust like religion?

I think that's a nice service for people.

I got the time on my hands, I'll do it.
No charge.

And, there's no brilliant argument in place for only picking on religion.
If it's trilbalistic nastiness, let's dissect all of it.

Why set aside bits of it as I dunno, "sacred"?

Oh, don't go after that, this is the stuff WE like!

Eh, feelings.
I always hit up against that feelings barrier.

Well, there's another one for ya, kiddies.
There's nothing to know about the feelings barrier.
It is what it is.

There, that's all done.

Cuz fuck it.

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