Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lit review #12.

Slash Of The Titans (2017)
(The Road To Freddy vs Jason)


I've probably told this story a hundred times on here, but here it is again.
From when the Freddy glove grabbed the Jason mask at the end of "Jason Goes To Hell", to when "Freddy vs Jason", finally actually came out, was 10 fucking years of development hell.

And every year along they way, New Line was like "no, this year it's coming out for sure!!", so I kept falling for it, and getting all keyed up, and it was torture.
Goddamned torture.

So, this book finally reveals what the fucking holdup was, and what was actually going on.

Turns out, there was no one magic thing, there was no one evil/stupid asshole to blame, and New Line was just as frustrated as I was.

It's somewhat covered in "Never Sleep Again", and "Crystal Lake Memories", but with 20 minutes for each movie, they can only really summarize.
Both of those docs in the commentaries come right out and say "there's a whole separate documentary there of the development hell of Freddy/Jason, and all those crazy drafts".

Well, here we finally have it, but in book form.
Book form is better, you really need a deep dive into it, and a film can't do that.

The structure it goes with, is it describes each draft of the script, and interviews the writer of that script, plus a producer or actor, and in that process, the whole story and timeline gets laid out.

It starts with the first attempts Paramount actually tried back when Jason 6 came out (7 was actually a substitute for FvJ), then goes through "Jason Goes To Hell", to the final 2003 FvJ movie, to the "Freddy vs Jason vs Ash", comics, and up to now with everyone reflecting on it, and finishes off with Robert Englund.
Along the way, it even touches on the "Jason vs Leatherface", comics, and an FvJ video game that didn't get made because the flick was stuck in development.

Loved it.
Having this story on my shelf really gives me closure on that chunk of my life.
I'll treasure this thing.

The closest thing you can get to a "Never Sleep Again", Part 2.

If you're a Nightmare or Friday fan, this is a must.
But, even if you're just a general horror, or plain old film fan, this is a good insight into the development and screenwriting process.

This now sits proudly next to "Hollywood Monster (Robert Englund)", and "Wes Craven: The Man And His Nightmares (John Wooley)".

And...I guess that's it.
Until Mark Patton's "Scream, Queen", and Robert Englund's "Nightmares in the Makeup Chair".
See you then!

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Diacanu said...

Oh, forgot to mention in the main review, that a lot of the people that worked on screenplay drafts, or other aspects of development for this flick, went on to be big power players in the business that are still floating around, and worked on a lot of your favorite movies today.

Particularly David Goyer, who did his own draft, and then did script polish on the final draft.
He went on to do the Dark Knight trilogy, Man Of Steel, and Batman v Superman.

The legacy of FvJ lives on!

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