Friday, July 11, 2014

One more quest.

I found Captain Beeble, I found Grandpa's Ghost Stories, I found Plop, I found Crazy, I found Raunchy Hulk, I found "Once A Hero", I found "Attack Of The Mutants", I found "Dynaman", I found and re-watched all my childhood trauma movies, now, I got one more fucking thing.

This'll be fucking hard, but if I found one lost forgotten issue of Crazy, with one fuzzy mental image, I can fucking do anything, so if it takes another 3-4 years, I'll be updating this someday.
The act of writing it down will sprinkle good mojo over it.

So, here it is.
A lost movie.
It was on HBO, it was on at my bedtime as a kid, but I was always up 'til midnight anyway, my parents were watching it in the living room, and I only had audio to go on.

Okay, here's the vague plot with just audio, and 30-something years of faded memory.
A kid, can't even remember the gender, the kid's voice was just squeaky enough, thought it was a girl at the time, could have been a boy too.
Anyway, the kid was either being pursued by kidnappers, or was being kidnapped, and escaping, and re-kidnapped, over and over, anyway, he/she was on the run from trouble.

A man tries to help/hide the kid, and gets killed.
It might have been a black guy.
That part is really fuzzy and smudge-y.
The guy's noises were kinda gurgley, and my mother exclaimed "oh, gross!".
Now, that's why it burnt into my memory.
Once she said "oh, gross!", my imagination came up with all kinds of horrible shit.
Now, in hindsight, she was an incredible violence wuss back then.
A regular stab with a stupid blood squib with crappy paint-blood would have gotten to her.
Anyway, that's as far as the movie got, because dorko couldn't hack it, and changed the channel.

And then I had that guy's imagined death to fall asleep to.
Thanks, Ma.

So....we had HBO, we were living in the trailer, before the house was built, my bedtime was around 8 or 9, making me 7 to 10, could have been anywhere between 1983 and 1985.

We got HBO for Fraggle Rock, and that started in '83.

So, '83 to '85, 8 to 11 o'clock, and a kid being pursued by a murderer.

Wide parameters, but I think it can be cracked.


Diacanu said...

Oh, yeah, and I'm still looking for the "cowboys getting past an acid pit", movie too.

Diacanu said...

Hmm, just used this site... look at every goddamned HBO guide from 1983 to 1985.

The closest thing I could find, was "10 to midnight".

Everything else was stuff I'd seen, or recognized, or after Googling, was nowhere in the neighborhood.

I looked at the trailer for "10 past midnight", on Youtube, and if it's that, I give up, cuz it's trash.

BUT, there were months missing in '83 and '85.

So, my missing movie could have happened there.

Billdude said...

Have you tried the IMDb "I Need To Know" board? It's in their general boards section. If you don't have an IMDb login they're free, I'd try that. They helped me find "Squirm," but they couldn't find this gross old 80s Cronenberg-ish horror movie I remember where some woman has some sort of feathers in her belly or some orifice or something. And she passes out on the sidewalk and these people find a monster in her belly. I have NEVER forgotten this image, but I don't know the film and neither did the I Need To Know board.

Diacanu said...

It "Night Of The Juggler"...

I just got Googling IMDB lists, and it was on one, it's 1980, and the guide archive shows HBO was still playing in in '84.

Diacanu said...

(Watching it)

OMFG!! Mandy Patinkin is the cabbie!

Diacanu said...

YES!!!! This is it!!
The girl gets away, meets a black wino that offers to help hide her, and the kidnapper kills him with a broken bottle to the belly.

...that was "gross"??
Jesus Fuckballs, Ma.

There wasn't even blood.

"Night Of The Juggler".

Ho-ly shit!

Update on THIS tomorrow.

Diacanu said...

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