Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Re-sequenced Photons (Part 10)

I'll try to knock out 2 today...

Critical thinking.

The companion to science, and some more good resources,, it's lain fallow, I'm preserving it here, doesn't need to be eating up a label.

A lot of these are repeats, but what the hell....


*Okay, I tried to be gentle there, but fuck "comfort", as an argument altogether.
Would you accept some Wall Street apologist saying that the robber-baron crooks who crashed the economy draw solace and comfort from their money, and it's mean of you to want to rip their comfort away?
No, fuck off with that.

And, while I'm on the track of kicking down emotion-based arguments, I gotta go add an asterisk to something that bugged me in part 7.

** Shit, the rant is there, but the videos have been killed.
Gonna have to fix that...

*** Arghh! Fucking PZ Myers again! I go out on this one?!?!

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Diacanu said...

Shit, that PZ Myers link has him saying essentially "fuck how it makes you FEEL is it TRUE or not?".

What the fuck happened to THAT guy???

That guy fucking died, and got replaced by a fucking pod!

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