Thursday, September 13, 2012

Also, happy 21st anniversary, Freddy's Dead!

Yay! A Freddy! *Day is perked up immediately*

Review is here, but, I sorta lazily linked it, so here it actually is....

Freddy's Dead

Yeah, this wasn't really goodbye.
What a great party though.
Fun little film.
Robert Englund was clearly having a blast.
And, it was a good apology for 5, which kind of fell on its face.
Well, I already ranted about my love for this series in the 80's ones.
So, ditto all of that.
And yeah, this one was a bit cartoony, especially compared to the first couple, and how scary they were,, Freddy couldn't scare us anymore, we'd grown up with the franchise, it was time to just go out with a bang.
I didn't mind this one being a bit silly.
Although, it did have its dark moments.
I went through a film snob phase of looking down on this one for a couple years, but I got over it.
5 is the only one that really lets me down anymore.

Also, here's the Iggy Pop song.

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