Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More from Mark Twain.

Been itching to post this.

"What Is Man?", by Mark Twain.

Free on Project Gutenberg.

Clinky this linky.

Now, I stumbled upon this a long time ago, and the site that had it got shut down, and I forgot the title.
But I remembered that I dug it.
Anyhoo, found it again, and now I'm finally linking it, cuz Project Gutenberg is more stable than that old site.

Anyway, one of the big reasons I dug it, is it stomps to dust the assumptions Ayn Rand rested her philosophy on almost a century before she even reared her head.

So, Twain versus Rand, Twain wins, fatality, finish her.

It's long, and a bit cynical, but, read it side by side with Franscisco's Money Speech, and titter with joy.

Like I said in the "laughter rant", read Twain, kiddies, he'll save your sanity.

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