Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy 16th anniversary, George Carlin: Back In Town!

Review, from here.

George Carlin: Back In Town

And here's where my fucking mind exploded.
Turns out, in terms of mind-expansion, "Private Parts", was just that farty little test firework, "Back In Town", was the Disney World full on fireworks extravagana.
Every line is gold, it's his masterpiece.
Now, Carlin himself thought the preceeding one, "Jammin' In New York", was his masterpiece, and it is fuckin' great, but...this one was so much better IMO.

Anyway, I didn't have HBO, but I did have an old 80's cable box with a tuning wheel that played out slack forever, and I could almost get the static out of Cinemax (hence the ability to watch boobie movies) and I could get the sound on HBO.
And for Carlin, the sound is mostly all you need.
So, yeah, going from his sitcom, to this, blew my friggin' mind.
And this is just when he totally turned into the edgy Carlin, so I caught it right on the wave.
Been a huge fan ever since.
Hooked instantly.
I owned the VHS tape of this as soon as possible.
And when it became possible, I caught up on his material from "Jammin..", and "Doin it again", via the internet.
Now, I have all his stuff on DVD.
Man, I wish he'd gotten to do another 14 concerts.
I had that gloomy alone feeling again when he died.
Well, at least there was still "Last Words", to be published, and that gave me good closure.

Well, here's a clip...

State prison farms.

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