Monday, September 17, 2012

Harry's Finale (Kindle book 4!!!)

And finally, here's the Kindle of book 4!

So, like I said last time, this one comes on the month anniversary of Kindle book 2, and the 3 month anniversary of my first attempt to upload Kindle book 1.

This one hit the filespace barrier, so, I split it into two books, which, luckily, I had prepared ahead of time for just such a contingency.

I worried this would happen to Kindle book 3, but it just squeaked by...

So, here's those.

Order- Harry's Finale.
Order- Behold, a pale Harry Hembock. 


So, once again, echoing the print edition, here's what you get....

  • Same sick, weird, twisted episodes as the print edition.
  • Same raunch.
  • Same laughs.
  • Same chaos.
  • Same madness.
  • Three books worth of material...split two ways. :P
  • Value!!! Added up, they're still half-off of the print version.
  • Same issues and quickies.
  • Same vicarious revenge on my teachers.
  • Same bonus materials, which include...
  • Same full color cover gallery. Only on color devices, natch.
  • Same tech blueprints.
  • Same map of characters.
  • Same dental poster that started it off.
  • Same original Harry stories (Described here).
  • Same....EVERYTHING!

And, thus ends the Kindle series!

Enjoy, folks! :)

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