Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 the eleventh.

So, here we are, eleven years out....

So, what's gone on?
Not much since last year.

Well,  a lot for me, but I'll cover that in some other post.

For the world...eh, elections are closer, and Honey Boo Boo is on TV.

Aaand, the big recap of the years was in the last anniversary post, don't feel like doing that over again.

Oh, right, Bin Laden turned one years dead.

Freedom tower is a little closer to built.
Probably be long finished come this time next year.

So....that leaves...Obama's report card.

I dug up in "re-sequenced photons part 8", that I was going to review his presidency in 3 years 3 years ago, and I was going to do it tomorrow, which is today.
So...(may want to cover your eyes, Hyla).


  • Gives good speech.
  • Made people who sicken me miserable, and frightened.
  • Doesn't talk like a cartoon character like the last guy.
  • Yet, makes a good comic book character.
  • Ended the war in Iraq.
  • Ended Don't Ask Don't Tell.
  • Killed Bin Laden.
  • Kept the economy from falling off a cliff.
  • Lifted the ban on stem-cells.
  • His vice president isn't Dick Cheney.


  • Didn't close Gitmo.
  • Didn't undo the creepy executive orders Bush signed as he was running out the door.
  • Didn't end wiretapping, and renditions.
  • Didn't repeal the US PATRIOT act.
  • Didn't end "too big to fail".
  • His Fed chairman is a douche.
  • What's the deal with continued drone strikes in Pakistan?
  • Fumbled NASA.
  • Nobel peace prize, and gives a speech on why we still need war?? Eh...that's more the Nobel committee's fault. Still...
  • The healthcare bill is a blowjob to the insurance companies.
  • His VP is a cartoon. Which...is better than a Sith, I guess...
  • Seems to be saving gay marriage for his second term, which I find to be a cynical and immoral gamble with people's lives.

Nope, I never bought into that the guy is magical, or superhuman, or Heaven-sent, or a messiah, he's just a president.
It is historic that he is the first black one, and that is a good move for this country, with its racist fucking history.
Like Ken Burns said, it opens America's third act.
And his existence pisses off the bigots, which I enjoy.
And I love that they're too chickenshit in public to say "nigger".
It's every other thing they can think of, that doesn't apply "Communist", "Muslim", "hates white people", that's a good one.
"Wasn't born here", that was some good crazy for awhile.
Donald Trump got on board for that shit.
Yeah, keep watching his shitty show though, America.

So...I dunno, how does it all even out?

I haven't had a president in my life, certainly not in my adult life who I'd give an A or a B.
So, let's shoot that clay pigeon out of the air right off the bat.
If the country were where it was after Clinton, probably anywhere from an F, to at best, a high D plus.
BUT, given what he had to work with to start...eh...a high C.
The things on that "cons", list really unsettle me.

But....I really think Romney is worse, and there's no good third party option for me to protest vote with, so...I gotta go with who I think the best choice is.

Also...there's that vengeance factor.
You gutless Libertarians out there who pulled the lever for Bush the second time, you gotta take some medicine.
8 years of hell for me, 8 years of hell for you.
That's just how it's going to go.

Eh, Maine is never a swing state anyway, so, my vote doesn't count for much.
I can basically do what the fuck I want.

So, there's that.
That's my honest estimation.

And that's 9/11 for 2012.
Have a good one.

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