Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Two!!

Yep, tomorrow is October, and that means the Halloween horror review fest has rotated back around, and become an official Shmegalamonga tradition!

So, for today, as a lead in, let's have a recap of horror reviews I greedily jumped the gun on, to officially gather them up into this year's Halloween compilation.



Human Centipede 2, and More Brains!


The Millennium Trilogy


Not horror per se, but...I don't think Lisbeth would mind, do you?

Um...this batch of goodies.


It was quite a haul, and, it's easier to list the ones that didn't qualify as horror.
"The Man From Earth", and"Super".
And, I suppose "Hot Fuzz".,...even though it gets pretty grim in spots....
That's it.
The rest, Halloween gold.

God Bless America


Well, another one that's not horror per se.
"Black comedy", I guess it would be...but...aren't black comedies just the thing for Death Day?
And the dead leaves season in general?
I think so.
Screw it, "Hot Fuzz", goes back in!

That's the flat out post-holidays stuff, now, for stuff that kinda cheated it a little in the other holidays...

Dead Zone, Firestarter, Scanners, and Dreamscape.



Dead dude superheroes.


Paranormal Exterminator heroes.


Yep, went with Van Helsing.
Cuz, as I said then...

Gonna do a Halloween sequel next year, and that'll have a bigass chunk on Dracula.
Consider this the takeoff point.
Ooops, spoiler alert.

So...ya kinda know what tomorrow is gonna bring. ;)

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