Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Old people.

I see a lot of people being let off the hook, and patted on the head for being bigoted, superstitious, sexually uptight, technophobic, easy to offend, or just plain pig-ignorant on any number of subjects because they're old.

Ahhh, bullshit to that stupid noise.

Look, my grandfather on my mother's side keeps up on the latest gadgets, his late ex-wife, my grandmother, used CB radio to...well, pretty much be Joy Behar meets Howard Stern decades before either emerged on the scene, and my late Grandfather on my father's side liked every gory war, crime, or horror movie on premium cable he could get his eyeballs on.
He was a particular fan of "Aliens", had a crush on Sigourney Weaver I think.

And all of my family likes bawdy jokes, limericks, you name it.
We're not lame fuckin' twats, is what I'm sayin.

It's got nothing to do with AGE.
AGE doesn't turn you into a boring emotionally constipated load.

No, people like this are just grey, wrinkly, frail versions of the same bland, joyless, dumb, uninteresting, second-rate people they always were.

Next time one of you poor unfortunates who didn't hit the biological lottery have to suffer some political talk radio regurgitation from one of your old folks, say "shaddap!! You're a fuggin' idiot, Granpa!!".

Shit, you'd say it to your goofy brother in law, wouldn't ya?
All right then.


Caudimordax said...

I'd agree with you 1000% but I'm too old to get up that high. :D

I never could understand people who at a certain point decided to stop being interested in the world and never had a new thought after age 40 or 50, never listened to a new musician or read a new author, never went somewhere they hadn't been before.

hyla2 said...

Hey, now, let's not be so hasty. I'm looking forward to being an irrational ol' sonfabitch and hollerin' at kids to get the sam hill off my lawn! Are you saying that I don't earn that privilege by right of having survived into coot-hood? Well! Dagnabbit, I says!

Diacanu said...

Come now, there's no shortage of rational things to bitch about, up to and including the little bastards on the lawn.

Why, just look to Andy Rooney.
He's RIGHT, they ARE shrinking the candy bars and paper towel rolls.
Sons of bitches.

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