Monday, April 29, 2013

Horror doc news.

"Invaluable", has a trailer, so, that's finally coming.

Then, the next one from the folks that did "Never Sleep Again", and "More Brains", is "Crystal Lake Memories", about the Friday franchise.

I'm...not a big Jason fan, but at the least, it'll be another crack at "Freddy vs. Jason", and these productions are top notch so far.

Course, they already DID a Jason one, but...they weren't given enough money to do it right, and it was only an hour and a half, and the framing/hosting stuff was lame, and the Freddy one was 4 hours, and the fans have been screaming for an upgrade ever since, so...they're getting it.

I've committed myself to getting every one they do from "Never Sleep Again", onward, so, I'm on board.

Still no word on "There Is No Jesse".

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