Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Millennium Trilogy.

Updated from here...

The films-

Just excellent.

Lisbeth Salander is a character for the ages next to the likes of Hannibal, and Captain Kirk, and Harry Potter.
Instant pop-culture figure.

Finally, a post-Hannibal detective thriller with edge, and balls, and teeth.
Why do we have to wait so long in between?

Yes, I loved these.
I've seen the Fincher remake of "Dragon", and that immediately made me want to see how it ended, so I snapped up the Swedish original, and the 2 sequels.

I'm in bliss to own them.

The Fincher remake is pretty decent, but I prefer the Swedish one just a tad more.
I like their Lisbeth better.
But, that's a matter of taste.
Neo-Lisbeth was also neo-Nancy in the NOES Remake.
Maybe I'm just having trouble forgiving...

Anyway...the films...

Dragon Tattoo-

Everything above.

Played With Fire-

First one is just a tad better, and mostly due to that you can't recapture the magic of the moment of discovering these characters for the first time.

The ending, and the lesbian scene more than make up for it though...

Eat shit, "Basic Instinct".

Kicked The Hornet's Nest-

"Return Of The Jedi", syndrome, it's mostly for tying up the loose ends of "Fire".
Still great though.
Still makes most other movies out there right now look like fucking baby food.

The history-

I was apprehensive, I don't like bandwagons, and I don't like critics, so...things everyone loves tend to send up red flags for me.

Everyone loved "Titanic", and "Blair Witch Project",  and "Pretty Woman", y'know?

I proceed with caution.

Nope, this is one of the exceptions, it's worthy.
Even so...calm the fuck DOWN, critics!

Man, I know you people suffer through avalanches of mediocrity in your cruddy jobs, but that doesn't mean when a good/great flick comes that it literally fell from Heaven.

No, fuck that, it should always be as good as TGWTDT, it should always be as good as the Hannibals, it should always be as good as Kubric, it's not a supernatural unattainable thing, people are just allowed to get away with slacking the fuck off.

"Duhr, thadth duth thuh way thingth are! Hurr!".
Fuck off.
Get your act together, culture.
Do it now.
*Snaps fingers*

Aaanyho, run to Amazon, and snap up those Swedish originals, they're hella cheap.

...and don't buy the hardcover novels at a paper bookstore, you'll need a loan..:P


hyla2 said...

Holy crap!

Just reading that I realized that what I told you before was wrong--the wife and I DID go and see the second movie in the theaters!

We just gave the third one a miss because we hadn't read the book yet.

hyla2 said...

Oh, man! And how did I forget that lesbian sex scene!?

That thing was crazy, uncomfortably intense . . . like . . . Nite Owl and Silk Spectre banging on the Owlship in the Zack Snyder 'Watchmen' uncomfortably intense.

Like where you're way too aware of all of the people around you in the theater, and shrink down into your seat a little . . . and make sure your coat is securely over your lap.


Diacanu said...

Lol, indeed!

Saw Watchmen in the theater, I can sorta relate...

..except that I don't care about the other people, and just grin like a pervert.

..other than that...


Paladin said...

Couldn't agree more. This is a great series that more people need to see. C'mon, people: your unwillingness to read subtitles causes you to miss some fantastic stuff!

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