Sunday, August 26, 2012

Re-sequenced Photons (Part 6)

Time to chip away at some of the slightly bigger ones...


Yeah, in those early days, I was giving every new chapter/segment a label.
That's...when I didn't have many, and needed to grow the list.
Now...not so much.

Anyhoo, the arguments at were getting so repetitive, I made this to have literal push-button access to the easiest takedowns of the drivel I was having to answer...and then I hardly ever found use for it, and drifted away from the site when the modship got heavy handed, and the format went crappy.
Eh, well, it's fun to have...

Now, a lot of these at first glance might just seem like snotty insult, but if you follow around the "see also", links, like a "Choose Your Own Adventure", they all lead back to Faith, or Supernatural, and those are pretty fucking bulletproof, and (IMO) justifies the snark in the other ones.
And even Faith, and Supernatural lead back into each other.
If you follow the loop around enough times, you do see there's no wiggle room, every single little "yeah, but what about...", is covered if you go through it enough.

I deliberately constructed the thing like an argument machine
I planned it pretty meticulously.
I've always been rather proud of it.

Tch...d'ohhh, and then I did these shit "sequels", to try to tie into the stupid "Podsville/Shrieks/ Feesh", concept I was obsessed with at the time.
(I'll tear into that shit when I get to it)
No, these don't have the same inspiration, they're just spittle.

So, that's those.
Fuck, like "Slogan series", this will fuck up a bunch of posts, I've got it linked all over the place....

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