Friday, August 3, 2012

Grand Unification Theory (Part 9)

Okay, in the home stretch on these....

Well, I broke all this SF/fantasy stuff down to the Trek laws of pseudo-science, and all of that down to subspace, and subspace-tech down to wormholes.'s where that all breaks down.

The bit (from part 1) where I described subspace as being akin to a dimension with zero spatial dimensions?

Well...something like that would...have zero mass, wouldn't it?
But...we've got things in our reality with no mass.
They're called photons.
Particles of average ordinary household light.

Light can't open wormholes, or rev up a warp drive, can it?
Else, it'd be happening all over the place.
Normal life would look like Voyager's "anomaly of the week", horseshit.

So, the whole deal collapses in on itself right there.

The only thing that maayyybe rescues all of this from the "bullshit", bin, is...if it's happening in something akin to "The Matrix".
(See also, my Matrix-y digression in "Let's fast-forward")

Then, by Gameshark-ing the simulation, you can make any old bullshit happen that you want.
And you can call it whatever you want, "magic", even.

So, all we gotta do, is find a character in the inter-connected fiction-verse, who knows he's in a simulation.

And, there is one.

Ambush Bug!
(And yeah, Deadpool is another one too).

So, there you go, even ultra-canon says all of this stuff exists in the grand unified universe of our combined imaginations.

Which...I essentially already broke down here, here, and here.

Aaand, that takes care of that.
Add Ambush Bug to the cosmic avatars of the universe along with Sonic The Hedgehog, and Daffy Duck. perfect, when you think of it.

Up next: a recap, and loop back to the first one.

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