Thursday, August 2, 2012

I had it right about "movements", two years ago.

Here's the old Podsville post about "movements".

I clearly was talking about The Tea Party and Glenn Beck at the time, but since then, Occupy Wall Street came along, and failed miserably, and left behind nothing in their wake but mounds of hippie feces, and b.o., and a cloud of Patchouli scented entitlement.

And, Nazi-book-burners in feminist clothing have fucked up the atheist movement.

The shoe fits them all too.

I should have listened to myself.

Fuck movements, I'm done.
No matter how well intended the origins, some minority group of shit-snowmen wrapped in human clothing (thanks for that one, Uncle Albert) always comes along, and takes it to the armbands and boots phase.

And y'know, for a brief moment, I actually said to myself these assholes were "ruining atheism", my mind actually went there, and then I caught myself, and reminded myself, atheism can't be ruined.

Atheism can never be ruined.
It's the absence of belief in Gods.
Dead stop, the end, period.

It  doesn't put you on the hook for anything else.
That's the beauty of it.

If a group of people who happen to be atheists want to be shitty ideologues, then, they're just shitty ideologues, and to fuck with 'em.
Who gives a fuck whether or not they have an imaginary friend or not?
The ideologue part spoils the whole deal.

So, bye bye, "atheist movement".

I'll continue to not believe in God, and whenever appropriate, rant against creationism in schools, and institutionalized homophobic bigotry, and Catholic kiddie diddlery, and Muslim misogyny, and all of that.

I'm not on the hook for those things, but my conscience tells me to.

But paying dues to some club, wearing symbols, following rules, being brainwashed to hate my own cock, and being fearful of being caught visually enjoying some juicy tits, fuck all of that.

I'm not doing that.
Kiss my ass.

Puritanism, and commandments, are for religions.
Kinda why I booted that junk out of my life in the first place.


Steve Zara said...

Well said.

Sharon said...

Nice. :D

Phil Rimmer said...

Cracking, Mike.

RickDeckard said...

Regarding Occupy:

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